Arab women are continuously growing into a power to be reckoned with.


The popular photo-sharing platform Instagram has witnessed a significant rise in usage over the past years and social media influencers are at the center of the spotlight.

They’re actively boosting the name of Arabs all while shedding light on young Arab talents like designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and artists.

As Arab women are glamorously taking over the mainstream with their fearless styles and forward-thinking business ideas, they are growing into a power to be reckoned with.

Here are some of the female Arab influencers making it big:

1. Dana Al Tuwarish (Kuwait)

With over 1.8 million followers, Kuwaiti-Iraqi Dana Al Tuwarish is Kuwait’s favoritefashion and lifestyle influencer

Al Tuwarish collaborates with many high-end brands and previously took part in “My Fabulous ME”, an E! show about Middle Eastern influencers.

2. Nadya Hassan (UAE)

Emirati Nadya Hassan “thinks, lives and breathes fashion” as her blog The Fierce Diaries satisfies her audiences’ every style hunch.

With 158K followers on Instagram, the Dubai-based fashionista blogs about fashion, style, and travel.

3. Lana El Sahely (Lebanon)

Lebanese Lana El Sahely is a blogger-turned-entrepreneur taking the world by storm. Her wide social media presence allowed her to establish her own shop and collaborate with many notable brands and designers.

The fashionista was chosen by the founders of Dolce & Gabbana for their 2017 fashion show, making her the only Middle Eastern influencer on the runway.

4. Tala Samman (Syria)

Syrian Tala Samman, born in Chicago and raised in the UAE, saw her fashion, fitness, and travel award-nominated blog My Fash Diary flourish since 2009.

Samman is one of the very first bloggers in the UAE, taking it to the next level with her funky DJ skills, performing at many exclusive social events.

5. Maya Ahmad (UAE)

Lebanese Maya Ahmad is Dubai’s favorite beauty and lifestyle guru, sharing her travel adventures, makeup tips, and lifestyle vlogs in Arabic with her 529K subscribers on Youtube.

She has over 1 million followers on Instagram and has been featured in many fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan Middle East and E!’s My Fabulous ME.

6. Jess Narjess (Tunisia)

Loved by many, this Tunisian influencer describes herself as a “storyteller since 2010”. She runs the lifestyle and fashion blog Mon Journal Pas Tres Intime.

Jess Narjess is also a creative consultant at Studio M where she exhibits her creativity and passion for beauty, artfashion, and travel.

7. Hadia Ghaleb (Egypt)

“Fashion icon turned Business Lady” Cairo native Hadia Ghaleb has over 1 million followers on Instagram and is one of the youngest Arab influencers in the region.

Based in Dubai, Ghaleb channeled her inspiration, style, and “influence” on social media to establish her own media company Ghaleb Production House.

8. Fozaza (Saudi Arabia)

Alanoud Badr is Saudi Arabia’s “it girl”, also known as Lady Fozaz, the Saudi fashion designer.

As a lifestyle, beauty, and fashion influencer, Badr shared her weight loss experience with her half a million followers on Instagram and became a fitness ambassador for Puma Middle East.

9. Karen Wazen (Lebanon)

Lebanese Karen Wazen puts the V in vintage.

Based in Dubai, the mother of three shares her outfits, home decoration tips, and motherhood tales while still being close friends with Lindsey Lohan and partying withVictoria’s Secret’s angels.

10. Latifa Al Shamsi (UAE)

Latifa Al Shamsi is the influencer for style and travel, conquering new territories in the blogging world with her motherhood experiences, as well as her food and fashion adventures.

Her upcoming brand By Latifa Al Shamsi is known for its Emirati-inspired creations, kaftans, abayas, and travel wear.