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White House Spins its Indefensible Veto to Palestinian Full UN Membership

Apr 24, 2024

By: Ghassan Rubeiz / Arab America Contributing Writer The world expresses a sigh of relief that Iran and Israel did(...)

Four Daughters Review: Revolt Against a Broken Home

Apr 24, 2024 Four Daughters' Trailer By: María Teresa Fidalgo-Azize| Arab America Contributing Writer  Olfa: It’s a tragedy. I hate girls. I(...)
Arab America

Rethinking Arab American Heritage Month

Apr 24, 2024

By: Stephanie Abraham / Arab America Contributing Writer Like most cultural months, Arab American Heritage Month is intended to celebrate(...)

The “Gaza” Factor in this Year’s Presidential Election

Apr 24, 2024

By: Bishara A Bahbah / Arab America Featured Columnist This year’s presidential election is taking place amid a genocidal war(...)

Do It, Mr. President

Apr 24, 2024

By: Dr. John Duke Anthony TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Do it, Mr. President. Recognize a State of Palestine. Note that,(...)

Some of the Warriors That Shined in Palestine 

Apr 24, 2024

By: Malak Hassouna / Arab America Contributing Writer  During the ongoing conflict in Gaza, people have used social media platforms(...)

Re-Cap of America Foundation's Tribute to Palestinian Heritage and Identity for National Arab American Heritage Month 2024

Apr 24, 2024

Compiled by: Malak Hassouna, María Teresa Fidalgo-Azize, and Ziyan Qutub Thursday, at the University of the District of Columbia, we(...)

Pathbreakers of Arab America—Tony Shalhoub

Apr 24, 2024

Tony Shalhoub -- Wikiphoto By: John Mason / Arab America Contributing Writer This is the forty-third of Arab America’s series(...)

Arab American Heritage Month Celebrated with Landmark Event at NYC Board of Education

Apr 24, 2024

On April 11, 2024, the City of New York witnessed a historic moment as the NYC Board of Education hosted(...)

Historic Sweets from North Africa

Apr 23, 2024

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab America Contributing Writer The delicious desserts of North Africa are not the invention of today but have(...)

Tlaib, Dingell Introduce Resolution Recognizing Arab American Heritage Month

Apr 17, 2024

Today, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-12) and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-06) re-introduced a resolution recognizing April as Arab American Heritage Month to honor the incredible(...)

Spain Emerges as an Advocate for Palestinian Rights 

Apr 17, 2024

Photo: Wikimedia Commons By: Ziyan Qutub / Arab America Contributing Writer  Pedro Sánchez, the prime minister of Spain, is attracting worldwide(...)

19,178 Results (Page 1 of 1599)