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Global Explorers: A STARTALK Immersion Program (Summer Arabic & Mandarin)

Jun 10, 2019 - Aug 2, 2019

TAMPA, FLORIDA Summer could not get any better! ReDefiners World Languages is proud offer Free full-day summer camps that are enriching and fun. No income(...)

First Year Arabic Course

Jun 25, 2019 - Aug 13, 2019

This course is for you if you have completed Arabic 5 at PAR, or Al-Kitaab, vol. 1 through chapter 20 at another school* You'll learn practical(...)

Spoken Arabic Conversation and Reading

Jun 30, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019

Conversation about Arab life & culture; reading from the play "سوق الحكايات." Please RSVP if you are coming and cancel if your plans change. Every(...)

Arabic Beginner Adult Immersion-Based Language Classes - 07/01/2019

Jul 1, 2019 - Aug 19, 2019

Learn Arabic at Our Top-Rated Midtown - NY Language School! Our beginner class is best suited for those who are brand new to Arabic, or(...)


Jul 11, 2019 - Jul 25, 2019

This documentary theater piece follows a Muslim family based in Queens, New York and the wedding of the oldest daughter, Mariam. Throughout the events of(...)

Invitation: Oman Commercial Opportunities

Jul 16, 2019 - Jul 16, 2019

NEW YORK, NEW YORK National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the Sultanate of Oman and Permanent Mission(...)

Omani Cultural Evening

Jul 16, 2019 - Jul 16, 2019

Washington DC, Culture Comes Alive at the Omani Cultural Evening Food, Activities and Crafts for all ages! Free Admission; RSVP required.  

OFFICIAL SECRETS screening with Gavin Hood, Katharine Gun, Martin Bright

Jul 17, 2019 - Jul 17, 2019

THIS PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR A NEW EVENT DATE. Film and panel discussion with Oscar-winning director GAVIN HOOD, real-life whistleblower KATHARINE GUN, and journalist(...)
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Latest news

Two Congressional Resolutions That Won’t Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Jul 16, 2019

SOURCE: ARAB AMERICAN INSTITUTE BY: DR. JAMES J. ZOGBY In the coming week, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs will(...)

Trump’s Racism Hit A New Level As He Told Four Congresswomen To “Go Back” To Their “Broken” Countries

Jul 15, 2019

To be clear: Three of the four women were born in the US, and they're all Americans. SOURCE: BUZZ FEED(...)

Displaced Iraqis and Syrians in Philly Try to Shift the ‘Refugee Narrative’ Through Art

Jul 15, 2019

SOURCE: WHYY BY: XIMENA CONDE April 5 is an auspicious day for Asmaa Diab, though she welcomes it with a(...)

A Stunningly Original Hotel in Marrakech — the Hidden Wonders of El Fenn

Jul 15, 2019

Color abounds throughout the romantic hostelry including guest rooms. (Photo by Kasia Gatkowska) SOURCE: PAPER CITY BY: DIANE DORRANS SAEKS(...)

Meet the Man Hoping to Become the Muslim World’s First Openly Gay President

Jul 15, 2019

'I was jailed for three months for sodomy in 2013. There’s no shame for me. There’s no shame for any(...)

Gordon Ramsay Treks the Mountains of Morocco

Jul 14, 2019

With help from Moroccan locals, Gordon dives into the food culture and ancient traditions of the indigenous Amazigh (Berber) people.(...)

ARTS This Moroccan Photographer Mixes Arab And Western Heritages Into Visual Art

Jul 14, 2019

SOURCE: SCOOP EMPIRE BY: SARAH ALBLOWI Self-taught photographer, Mous Lamrabat, mixes Moroccan heritage with a Western twist. The undoubtedly unique clash has caught(...)

Most Arab Men would Accept a Woman as Their Country's Leader

Jul 14, 2019

SOURCE: THE NATIONAL BY: DANIEL SANDERSON But BBC Arabic research also found they want the final word at home The(...)
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the arab & american business directory

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