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13 Questions Every Arab Mom Asks Her Daughters

posted on: May 31, 2017

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer

Arab culture certainly has its quirks. While women are highly respected in Arab American society, mothers will always look at them as baby girls. Because of this, young Arab American women are faced with certain questions that no one else gets. Some are funny, some are strange, and others are just plain annoying. But at the end of the day, we know our mothers love us to death and want what’s best for us. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh at their questions, though!

Here are 13 common questions that Arab American mothers ask their daughters.

1. Why don’t you call me?


Mama doesn’t call you – you call her!


2. Do you want to take food to your friends?


There are always leftovers and your friends love your mom’s food anyway. Make her happy and take the Tupperware.


3. I see you got an A- but why wasn’t it an A+?


Moms don’t mess around. They expect only the best from their kids!


4. When are you going to find a husband?


While women are empowered more than ever to be more than a wife, your mom wants grandkids! So you better hurry and find a hubby.


5. Is that what you’re wearing?


A daughter is a reflection of her mother and if you’re not looking too good, then neither does mom. So you better change that outfit or she’ll do it for you!


6. Do you want to help me roll grape leaves and stuff kousa?


The answer is no, but we’re going to help anyway because we love grape leaves and mahshi almost as much as we love our mothers.


7. Do you know that dating isn’t allowed in our culture?


Many mothers are evolving on this idea, but let’s face it: no man will ever be good enough for their baby girls. Dating will forever be hard for mothers and daughters.


8. Did you call your grandma today?


You’re in trouble if you didn’t call! Even if you and your grandma have nothing to talk about at the moment, always call.


9. Why don’t you put on a little bit of blush? And mascara? And maybe some eyeliner?


Mom says you’re beautiful just the way you are, but you could run into a future husband at any moment! Might as well look like you’re attending a New Year’s Eve party while you run errands.


10. Why aren’t you playing the Arab music?


Mom doesn’t want to hear your music. Never has, never will. Besides, it’s more fun to dance to the Arab music with mom than hear another song about ex-boyfriends from Adele or Taylor Swift.


11. Can you show me how to do this on the computer?


To every mother, her daughter is a total whiz at uploading pictures to Facebook, turning on Netflix, and finding the right Pandora station.


12. Can you be here when our guests come?


By this, moms actually mean, “Can you please serve our guests dinner, dessert, and tea?” Arab daughters are nothing if not great hostesses.


13. Why don’t you eat more?


It is a scientific fact that Arab moms are offended if you don’t eat at least two plates of their food. Don’t force feed yourself, but be sure to compliment the cooking whenever you can!