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14 Ways To Eat Hummus Besides Slathering It On Pita Chips

posted on: Apr 23, 2019

14 Ways To Eat Hummus Besides Slathering It On Pita Chips



When I say hummus, you say…pita chips, right? But that’s not the only thing you can slather with this creamy spread.

Hummus is worth adding to…well, almost everything, because it’s packed with protein and other nutrients, like magnesium, iron, and fiber, says Maggie Michalczyk, RD. “A two-tablespoon serving of hummus offers two grams of protein, one to two grams of dietary fiber, about five grams of healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals, all for about 80 calories,” says Maggie Moon, RD. It’s also incredibly easy to whip up at home: All you need is a can of chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, tahini, and olive oil. Add all the ingredients to a food processor, and you’ll have fresh hummus in minutes, says Michalczyk.

But don’t limit your hummus consumption to just chips or carrot sticks. Here’s what else to eat with hummus, according to a few super-creative R.D.s.

1 Experiment With Different Veggies
Okay—so this is still a “veggie” method, but hummus is a great tool for trying veggies you haven’t tried before, or don’t usually like eating. “Get creative with different veggies—sliced peppers, jicama, radish slices, celery, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, cucumbers, cauliflower, and broccoli florets are all great ways to change up what you dip into hummus,” Michalczyk says. You’ll get a great crunch and tons of nutrition.
2 Use It As Salad Dressing
Make your salad thick and creamy, instead of drenched in sauces and oils, with a hummus dressing. “Putting two tablespoons of hummus on top of my salad and dipping bites as I go is great,” says Michalczyk. “You really don’t need dressing if you’re doing it that way.”
3 Pair It With Apple Slices
“Apple slices dipped in hummus is an amazing sweet and savory combination that adds a new twist to the more traditional apples and peanut butter snack,” says Moon. It may sound a little strange, but it’s delicious, especially if you tend to prefer savory flavors.
4 Use It As A Marinade
“Hummus actually makes a great marinade with meat,” says Natalie Rizzo, RD. “Just slather it on a piece of chicken or fish, let it marinate for an hour, and then bake as you normally would. The final result will have the flavors of hummus.”
5 Use It In A Sandwich

Roasted veggie sandwiches can get notoriously messy, but hummus helps it all stay put, while adding a protein-packed base. “Try spreading hummus on two pieces of toast, then sprouts, avocado, and roasted carrots in between,” says Moon. “The olive oil in the hummus will help your body absorb the vitamin A in the carrots, and the carotenoids in the avocado.”

6 Sub For Avocado Toast

Instead of that avocado toast for brunch, make a hummus toast. “I like to use it on open-faced toast, because it offers a great foundation for toppings, while adding a savory dose of plant protein,” says Moon. Try making a hummus toast layered with chopped red bell peppers for vitamin C, and a sunny-side-up egg for brain-boosting choline and lutein, she suggests.

7 Lighten Up Risotto

Risotto is often dense, but you can give it a healthier makeover with hummus. “Due to it’s creamy texture, hummus can replace dairy for anyone who eats dairy-free, or wants to lighten up a rich dish,” says Kelly Jones, RD. “I make a creamy spring risotto with hummusinstead of dairy–and you can change the flavor easily each time you make it with different hummus varieties.”

8 Make Veggie Roll-Ups

Rolled up veggies make great dishes or appetizers. “Instead of filling eggplant or squash with ricotta, you can change it up with your favorite hummus,” says Jones. “Whether cooked in an eggplant rollatini or raw in this zucchini rollatini, it’s a fresh take on a classic type of dish.”