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A Mystical Teaser For Jinn, The First TV Series In Arabic On Netflix

posted on: Apr 20, 2019

A Mystical Teaser For Jinn, The First TV Series In Arabic On Netflix



A group of teenagers fights against an evil Jinn.

After the Colombian lands in Narcos, the dark German forest of Dark and the streets of Paris with Plan Coeur, Netflix keeps on touring the world with Jinn, a new tv series full of mysticism and teen drama. The first Arabic production of the American giant, entirely produced in Jordania with local actors, draws its inspiration from the Muslim mythology, especially the Jinns, which are evil creatures.

The story of Jinn takes place in Amman, the capital of Jordania, and is teased as both contemporary and fantastic. It follows the adventures of a group of teenagers who is about to unleash a demon trapped in the ruins of Petra, a legendary city built 300 years before J.C. The Jinn, who can turn invisible and manipulate people’s minds, will create division in the crew all the while offering them supernatural powers to rip each other apart.

It is not the first time that Netflix gets inspired by the Arabic culture for a tv series of this particular genre, as it already brought us the more confidential but also creepier Ghoul, an Indian production meant for a young audience who likes to binge watch. The first season of Jinn only has six episodes of about thirty minutes each, and will arrive on Netflix on June 13.