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An Inside Look at the First Camel Hospital in Dubai

posted on: Apr 29, 2021

By: Yidan Fan/Arab America Contributing Writer

With the development of the economy and medical technology in modern society, various hospitals have been built in today’s world, including ones for human beings and for animals. But there is one hospital staying unique all over the world, which is the Camel Hospital in Dubai. This hospital accompanies many brand-new operating rooms and cutting-edge medical equipment and only provides medical treatment for camels. This article will lead you to take an inside look at this unique camel hospital.

Camels and Arab People

Camels have a special place in the hearts of Arab people. In ancient times, camels were mainly used as a means of transportation and were awarded as the “boat of the desert” by Arab people. In history, Arab people wisely made use of camels’ wool, skin and bones. Wool was used to weave cloth, leather was used to make containers, and bones were used to inscribe the Quran.

The Bedouins, who live in the desert, are especially proud to own camels. The Bedouins have lived in the Arabian Peninsula for generations and they gradually spread to West Asia with the development of nomadism. They generally make a living by raising camels, so they like to call camels part of their family. In the past, camels could even be used as a dowry for marriage. Before the wedding, the man’s family usually gave the women’s family several camels as a gift. In modern society, due to the rapid development of new technology and advanced transportation, camels are not used as a transportation tool so often like ancient times, but that has not affected the unique position of camels in the hearts of Arab people. In the Arab world, camels are regarded as the symbol of traditional culture.

Camels in the United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, camels have always been an important part of the national tradition. According to the data gathered by the Dubai Camel Hospital, there are more than 300,000 camels living in the United Arab Emirates today. In recent years, the camel industry has flourished in the Arab world. Camel races and camel beauty pageants have become popular entertainment activities among local people.

Camels have become more precious in the United Arab Emirates than ever before, especially those who win the race. The camel race is a profitable project. In the famous Al Marmoom Heritage Festival, the organizers awarded the winners more than 40 million US dollars for prize money. According to the news reports, a Saudi prince once bought a female camel for US$2.7 million in a camel beauty pageant. The purpose of opening the Camel Hospital is exactly to maintain this tradition in the United Arab Emirates. In order to take good care of these precious camels, the Dubai government spent 40 million dirhams (about 10 million US dollars) to build the world’s first camel hospital, the Camel Hospital in Dubai.

The Camel Hospital in Dubai

The Camel Hospital in Dubai has the most professional team of experts and the most advanced medical facilities to provide medical treatment of high quality to camels. The hospital’s tailor-made medical equipment for the treatment of camels is adapted from European and American equestrian medical equipment. In this hospital the initial price of a surgery for camels is US$1,000, and the X-ray or ultrasound examination costs US$110. The hospital has a total of 65 employees, including an international team of veterinarians and medical experts, who can treat 22 camels at the same time. Meanwhile, the hospital is also conducting research and development on camel-specialized medicine.

During the medical treatment in the hospital, camels will enjoy star-like treatment here. In addition to eating the most delicious and exquisite feed, there are also a series of activities such as massage and bathing offered for them. Except for that, the hospital also has a small runway for the camels to exercise and recover after surgery.

Since its opening in December 2017, Dubai Camel Hospital has received such a warm welcome from many camel lovers from all over the Arab world that it had to expand its scale by 50% to meet the needs of the public. Due to the incredible miracle of camel healing that happened here, this hospital is currently developing at an amazing rate.

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