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Announcing: Release of Limited Number of New York Arabic Orchestra Tickets

posted on: Oct 28, 2011

The New York Arabic Orchestra seeks your support on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 to build an Arabic Music School of New York and bring Arabic cultural awareness and embrace to new heights in America.

The New York Arabic Orchestra, incepted in 2007, is an organization of performance and education led by Maestro Bassam Saba of Lebanon, virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist of Arabic music who has toured extensively with Fairouz, Marcel Khalife and Simon Shaheen. Mr. Saba has led the orchestra to prestigious venues around the city, including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. This past August, the NYAO performed at Lincoln Center’s grandest outdoor arena, Damrosch Park, and saw an audience of 4,000.

For the past four years, the NYAO has brought Arabic music education to hundreds of public school children, college youth and adults of all ages through public school visits, college residencies, and workshops at Arab cultural centers across the nation. American music school students of Berklee and Julliard, to inner-city school children from Brooklyn to the Bronx, are passionately pursuing this rich art with the teachers of the NYAO. Arab-Americans are reuniting with their culture, from adult professionals to Arab-American children growing up learning the oud.

Your support will realize the dream of thousands of students, providing a musical home for youth of Arab-American families who wish for their children to learn the oud and listen to Um Kulthum as they grow up, to those who want to pursue Arabic music alongside western music. The NYAO teachers, trained both in Arabic and Western music, allow children studying western instruments to excel in both traditions. The School will work with hundreds of New York City public schools and colleges to realize its goal for accredited degree programs for youth and adults in Arabic music, and lead comprehensive outreach programs throughout the nation.

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