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Arab America Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

posted on: May 4, 2016


Arab America Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


05-03 10th Anniversary

WASHINGTON, DC – May 6 marks Arab America’s tenth year in providing digital media to Arab Americans on our website and through social media. Since our beginning in 2006 as Arab Detroit, we have strived to represent the diverse Arab American community accurately through our news and original content, as well as our television and radio programs. As we celebrate ten years of success, we look forward to future growth.

Throughout the evolution of the Arab America digital platform, we have brought together various religious and racial communities across the U.S. As a proud promoter of museums, theaters, exhibits, restaurants, businesses, professionals, and more, we are empowering the Arab American community to find prosperity and knowledge through cultural awareness and exchange.

“The digital media revolution is the fastest growing medium of communication today. Arab America is proud to have utilized digital media to provide vital educational information to Arab and non-Arab Americans – especially given today’s climate of anti-Arab bigotry and prejudice,” said Warren David, founder and president of Arab America.

Arab America’s reach continues to grow every day, engaging with audiences all over the world who seek to understand our community better. Thanks to our audience, we are now reaching: nearly 600,000 Facebook likes; over 20,000 followers on Instagram; over 100,000 subscribers to Arab America E-News, and more than 1 million page views on our website every month.

We are truly grateful to you, our readers, for helping us achieve our goal of becoming the leading provider of digital media to Arab Americans. We couldn’t have done it without your feedback, input, contributing materials, and above all, your positive comments that inspire us to keep on serving you.

Inshallah, we will have 10 more years of providing our community with positive stories, hundreds of ways to culturally engage with neighbors, and information for non-Arabs about the depth and beauty of our heritage and ethnicity.

During May, readers will be able to journey back to our ten most intriguing moments and share their memories with us on our website and social media pages. Please join us as we look back at ten years of sharing information about Arab Americans and the Arab World.

Below are ten articles exemplifying only a few of our most intriguing stories. For more like these, please visit our blog for original content, or news, which is updated every day.


Shawarma Makes it to Webster’s

maxresdefault (1)

“Renowned shawarma, which Webster’s defines as a sandwich of sliced lamb or chicken, vegetables, and tahini, wrapped in pita bread, is in the dictionary.”  (Jul 15, 2009)



Color Inside the Lines, Arab American Racial Identity


“Reflecting their national, religious and experiential diversity, Arab Americans have affiliated with the “Caucasian” to the amorphous “Other” designation.” (Aug 25, 2010)




Arab Americans React as Egyptians Struggle for Freedom


“Every once in a while, Arab Americans are met with a new crisis affecting the citizens of their native countries, mobilizing the Arab American community.” (Feb 2, 2011)



How Arab American Artists are Addressing Gaza Tragedy


“Arab America spoke with Arab American artists early this week about their views of Gaza, as well how they are addressing it in their work and publicly.” (Aug 6, 2014)



Culture Jamming: The Arab Narrative

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.03.03

“We are all familiar with the “Us” vs. “Them” rhetoric that is so deeply engrained in American politics and popular culture.” (May 21, 2015)



Is learning Arabic the solution?


“Dr. Hadia Attar, a Syrian immigrant, has made the decision to take the education of her children and others, in the Arabic language, into her own hands.” (Aug 19, 2015)




Mediterranean Cooking from the Garden with Linda Dalal Sawaya: 7 ways with summer squash—kousa


“Lebanese kousa has a tender marrow without large seeds that is perfect for stuffing either with Lenten, vegan stuffing, or traditional lamb and rice.” (Sep 9, 2015)





Mr. Trump, The Muslims I Know!


“This Christmas, Mr. Trump, my reflection oddly involved you. My friendships have been defined in many ways by the people you like to vilify: Muslims.” (Jan 6, 2016)




McCarthyism’s New Face: Blacklisting Boycotters of Israel

unnamed-500x281 (1)

“Virginia is the most recent state to introduce a bill that officially condemns people, companies, schools, and other organizations that partake in BDS.” (Feb 3, 2016)



Arab Americans in Michigan: Did We Do That?


“What happened last night in Michigan changed things. Did our community move the Democratic primary to a Bernie Sanders win? Many Arab Americans think so.” (Mar 9, 2016)




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