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Arab America Reaches 600,000 Likes on Facebook

posted on: Jun 28, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC: This week, Arab America reached 600,000 likes on Facebook. Thanks to the increasing original content from our contributing writers, we are able to stay engaged with Arab American Facebook users all over the country, as well as around the world. We appreciate your support, readership, likes, comments, shares, and faith in our mission to be the leading provider of digital media for Arab Americans.
“In our mission to grow our digital platforms including our website and e-mail messaging, social media is an important aspect  of our strategy,” said Warren David, President of Arab America. “We are on-track to reach 1 million followers by the end of this year.”
With over a billion daily users on Facebook, social media is a top priority for Arab America in its mission to provide digital media to Arab Americans. Every day, we utilize Facebook to share news, events, recipes, stories, and celebrations of culture with our community and its allies. 
Arab America is the leading provider of digital media to the Arab American community. Arab America’s digital platform includes events, news, email marketing, social media, and online radio, and television.
Join us in our mission to perpetuate an accurate image of Arab Americans in all forms of media. Like our Facebook Page here and invite your friends and family to join in the conversation: