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Arab American Comedians to Appear at the Presidential Conventions

posted on: Aug 6, 2008


Comedian and Arab American Dean Obeidallah put it best when he said, “The problem is that people are afraid of us because they don’t really know who we are. There are basically two news stories about us…There is the bad story where we are described as militant gunman or terrorist, or the good story where we are described as alleged militant gunman or terrorist.”

Since 1988, the Arab American Institute has organized a presence at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to introduce Americans to real Arabic culture. Without fail, these events are among the most popular on the convention calendar. The Arab American Institute Foundation is pleased to continue the tradition with exciting events at both conventions.

In Denver, AAIF is hosting “The Axis of Evil”. No, not that Axis of Evil! The guys who brought you Comedy Central’s “The Axis of Evil”–Ahmed Ahmed, Dean Obeidallah and Maz Jobrani–will headline at “The Comedy Kabob” for two shows only (9 pm and 11 pm) on Monday, August 25 at the Bar Standard. The event will include an Arabic buffet reception before and after each show, and a special display, courtesy of the Arab American Museum.

After laughing with us in Denver, you will love us in Minneapolis. Tuesday, September 2nd from 9 pm to midnight, join us at the Minneapolis Convention Center for a sumptuous feast, captivating live music, and a fascinating exhibit that will include a history of the Keffiyeh. “Mezza in Minneapolis” will tickle your taste buds and tempt your senses.