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Omar Hamoui

Omar Hamoui

Omar Hamoui is a partner at Sequoia Capital, where he focuses on partnering with early stage companies. Prior to Sequoia, Omar founded and ran several companies in mobile software and services. At the time, he was frustrated by the lack of available options when it came to promoting and monetizing mobile products.

While working towards his MBA at the Wharton School, Omar began to think more seriously about the untapped potential of mobile advertising, and created AdMob to address this growing opportunity. Omar served as AdMob’s CEO and a member of the company’s board of directors from January 2006 through the company’s acquisition by Google in May 2010.

During his time at Google, Omar was a VP of mobile ads, responsible for the development and innovation of Google’s mobile advertising products. After Google, Omar founded Churn Labs to incubate new startup teams and ideas. One of the teams which emerged from Churn Labs formed Maybe, Inc., a company focused on helping people make better decisions. This team became a part of LinkedIn in 2013.