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Arab Americans

Simon Assaad is a news and information website based in New York City. Founded in 1999 as an entertainment website by Simon Assaad and David Carson, the site switched to hard news and popular information content in 2012. is now ranked among the top 800 U.S. websites in traffic by analytics firm Alexa. The site is owned by Heavy Inc., which also owns the Spanish-language news site Assaad is the CEO of Heavy Inc. is self-described as “a real-time news and information portal”, and, on its site, claims to reach “35 million unique visitors per month”. Since its pivot to news in 2012 – with subject categories listed as news, sports, entertainment, tech, and gaming – the site has become known for its signature news format, “5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.”

In earlier incarnations, created and produced comic programming and original video, including the popular Behind the Music that Sucks series