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Arabic Playlists You Should Add to Your Spotify

posted on: Mar 25, 2022

Arabic Playlists You Should Add to Your Spotify Library
Photo: Spotify for Developers

By: Nouha Elyazidi / Arab America Contributing Writer

Arabic music is beautifully unique, from its use of meaningful and romantic language to its beautiful sounds made using classic Arab instruments. There has become such a diverse range of Arabic music, from the classics such as Fairuz and Umm Kethloum to love songs by Wael Kfourey and Nancy Ajram, to rap music by Tagne and El Grande Toto. There is so much to discover in the Arab music world, and today, we will demonstrate some great playlists of Arabic music on the streaming platform Spotify featuring songs from a wide range of genres and countries. 

Arab Sounds

For anything relating to Arab Music, one of the best tools would be Arab Sounds. On their youtube channel, they release videos debuting the most popular Arab songs of that week from all countries and genres, and they then add those songs to their Spotify playlist. Their playlist always features the latest hits and is a great way to explore what is popular in the Arab world.  

Arabic by Massarah Altaee

This playlist is an amazing collection of great Arabic music. This is a compilation of 1,156 songs from across the Arab world that are all classics and fan favorites. This playlist features sad love songs from Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram such as Inta Eyh, to upbeat lively songs by Algerian singer Khaled such as Hiya Hiya, to the classic Egyptian wedding song Hatgawez by Saad El Soghayar. This is where you can find all the classics, and this is a great beginning point for anyone interested in exploring a diverse range of Arabic music.

Arabic Love Songs by Spotify

If Arabic music and language are known for anything, it is their expression of love. From heartfelt poems to expressive songs, the Arabic language excels at expression. You can discover this expression by adding “Arabic Love Songs” to your Spotify library! Here you will find expressions of love from multiple countries and a range of beautiful voices.

Urban Arab Pop

The Arab World, especially North Africa, has been revolutionizing the rap industry. This playlist has truly popular songs that are undoubtedly worth listening to. This new genre of rap is becoming increasingly prevalent among the Arab youth and is a great contemporary spin on traditional features of Arabic music. 

“The Best Arabic Songs” by Ayah-4

If you are ever throwing a party and want some Arabic music for some ambiance, this “Best Arabic Songs” playlist will absolutely do the trick. This playlist has over 300 songs that are immaculate for dancing and having a marvelous time! From Morocco to Egypt, to Iraq, everyone will feel represented when you play the songs from this playlist. 

Arabic Tik Tok by Mee

Multiple Arabic songs have acquired prominent popularity due to the platform Tik Tok. For those of you who want to listen to more Arabic songs found on Tik Tok, I would suggest the playlist “Arabic Tik Tok” where you can listen to the full-length version of your favorite Tik Tok songs all in one place. From My Love, the romantic song by Moroccan/Dutch singer Inez to the song of Palestinian pride Dammi Falastini by Mohammed Assaf, this playlist has it all.  

All of these playlists have amazing Arabic songs that will make you cry, dance, sing your heart out, or maybe all of the above!

Happy listening!

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