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Best Arab TikTok Accounts

posted on: Apr 30, 2021

By: Sophia Segal/Contributing Writer for Arab America

2020 is officially the year of TikTok; the famous video making app has been downloaded/re-downloaded over 12 billion times. We’ve watched many everyday people become major influencers. We’ve watched or taken part in the most popular trends and we continue to watch random people make videos that we scroll through for hours.

But if you’re one of the few people who hasn’t gotten into TikTok, don’t worry because these Arab accounts will change your mind.

Georgina Nino @ginaiscracked on TikTok

This girl is known as our ‘local Habibi’, giving us all the comedic skits and TBH we didn’t know we needed. She’s a Palestinian-born Tiktoker who is based in the states but continues to bring all of the Middle Eastern lols.

Hiba Al Hadidi @hibaalhadidi on TikTok

This gorgeous woman is 19-year-old Lebanese-Palestinian who gives us the funniest Arab skits which gives me all the feels and let me tell you, if you need relatable, she is your girl.

Mohammed Sweidan @Mohammed_sweidan on TikTok

Mohammed is a Jordanian-Palestinian certified life coach which gives us some reassuring videos in such a hard year, but if you need something a little more fun, don’t worry because Mohammed is also great at making us lol.

Talia Fawaz @taliaafawaz on TikTok

This Tiktok beauty gives us hilarious content but also her legendary mukbang’s. She is a woman of many talents.

Diana Khalil @ironno on TikTok

Diana is a Syrian-American whose content is all about the relatable Arab jokes and important political content that we all need to follow. She also puts us all to shame with her amazing belly-dancing.

Roz @modelroz on TikTok

Roz is a beautiful Saudi model who is a fashion idol. If you want to add some spice to your closet she is the girl to follow. Plus, she shares a lot of her dog and you can never have too much dog content.

Hajar Larbah @moribyan on TikTok

Hajar is Moroccan-Libyan Tiktok foodie. You think you know how to cook, you have to watch her in action. Every time she uploads a new food video I can feel my mouth start to water; I don’t recommend watching on an empty stomach or you may regret it. But besides her delicious food, it is also the food aesthetic we didn’t know we needed, very pleasing to the eye.

Ahmad Alzahabi @thegoldenbalance on TikTok

Ahmad is the king foodie, his TikTok account is filled with amazing foods that even I feel like I can make. He comes up with great recipes and is even kind enough to put those recipes on his website so you can make them as well. I can literally spend hours watching his videos because they’re so good. You can never have too many food accounts in your life and he is definitely one to follow.

There are so many Arab TikTokers that are growing and this list only gives you a taste of who you can follow, but if you’re not already obsessed with them I hope this article makes you want to give them all the credit.

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