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10 Tips to Stay Sane During this Insane Time...

Apr 1, 2020

By: Blanche Shaheen/Arab America Contributing Writer Despite all of the catastrophes that have occurred throughout history, never before have we witnessed this complete halt to daily life on such a massive and global scale. Empty streets, closed up businesses, lonely(...)

Governors Issue Proclamations in Commemoration of National Arab American Heritage Month-April 2020

Mar 31, 2020

National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM) commemorates the Arab American heritage and culture and pays tribute to the contributions of Arab Americans in April of each year. The following proclamations have been issued by State Governors in commemoration of National(...)

Who Will Help the Thousands of Arab Refugee Coronavirus Victims?!

Mar 25, 2020

By: John Mason/Arab America Contributing Writer The West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya, among others—all counties having experienced foreign wars and as a result, all with crowded refugee camps—may get ravaged by the Coronavirus. Will(...)

The Most Common Questions Asked about the Arab Culture

Mar 25, 2020

By: Ala Abed-Rabbo/Arab America Contributing Writer The Arab World is a vivid universe, including multiple nations within its boundaries. Literature, language, cuisine, art, architecture, composition, religion, philosophy, and mysticism are all part of the cultural legacy of the Arabs. It(...)

The Unknown Arab American Populations in the United States

Mar 25, 2020

BY: Joyce Behrens/Arab America Contributing Writer Arab American populations in the United States are growing. As most people already know, some of the major states with the greatest population of Arab Americans. These major states include Michigan, California, New York,(...)

Moroccan Diffa: The Mother of all Feasts

Mar 25, 2020

By: Habeeb Salloum/Arab American Contributor Writer After a mouth-watering Moroccan meal, we sat enthralled as the Berber dancers swayed back and forth stamping their feet in a proud fashion. Their rousing steps, which had been incorporated into the flamenco during(...)

Foods and Drinks that Arab Americans Should Continue to Stock-up on During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar 25, 2020

By: Tasnim Elnasharty/Arab America Contributing Writer  In response to the evolving COVID-19--Coronavirus outbreak, there is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 is passed on through food. However, there are some Arab foods that contribute immensely to your immune system. Below(...)
Social Media in the Middle East

How Arabs Interact with Social Media in the Middle East

Mar 25, 2020

Gulf Business By: Jackson Chasen-Buckley/Arab America Contributing Writer A new report detailing the Arab world's social media use released earlier this year. Professor Damian Radcliffe of the University of Oregon in conjunction with Ph.D. student Hadil Abuhmaid compiled a variety(...)

Breathing Through the Siege of Gaza

Mar 25, 2020

By: Ned Rosch/Arab America Contributing Writer The following article was written by the author just two weeks ago as the current coronavirus pandemic was striking the world and just this week entered Gaza. As part of a Physicians for Social(...)

What are the Truths and Stereotypes of Belly Dancing

Mar 18, 2020

By: Joyce Behrens/ Arab America Contributing Writer Belly dancing is a well-known dance, originating in the Arab world. It’s known for self-expression for the female body. This art has existed for the last three centuries and has progressed into this(...)

Six Feet of Separation During Coronavirus—How Arabs Will Cope with It

Mar 18, 2020

By: John Mason/Arab America Contributing Writer Arabs in their home countries have specific ways in which they use social space. These are quite different from traditional American patterns of body language. In the context of the growing coronavirus crisis in(...)

March is for All Women: Huda Zoghbi

Mar 18, 2020

Born in Lebanon  In 1954, Huda Zoghbi was born in Beirut where she was raised. Throughout her life, Zoghbi expressed a deep interest in literature, and she was particularly taken with works by William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and William Wordsworth.(...)

2,024 Results (Page 14 of 169)