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Ziryab: A Social Trendsetter Missing from the Western Hall of Fame

Feb 2, 2011

BY: Habeeb Salloum/Contributing Writer The first time that I walked the streets of Cordoba, once Moorish Spain’s world-renowned capital, I could not believe my eyes. The city’s Arab era had not been forgotten. Statues had been erected to many of(...)

Arab Americans React as Egyptians Struggle for Freedom

Feb 2, 2011

BY: Ryah Aqel/Staff Over a week has passed since Egyptians first took to the streets on January 25th in the largest protests Egypt has seen in decades. Every once in a while, Arab Americans are met with a new crisis affecting(...)

Finding the Roots of Belly Dance

Jan 4, 2011

BY: Ameera David/Contributing Writer Colorful scarves danced fancifully as the women shook their hips relentlessly, right to left, left to right. Gyrating to the melodic, pop-like beat, they mouthed the words to the Arabic-language song blaring from the stereo. The women(...)

Bay Area Arabs and South Asians Call for an End to Discrimination

Sep 29, 2010

BY: Suzanne Manneh/Contributing Writer Arabs, Muslims, Central and South Asians from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area say they are fed up with being discriminated against because of their religion or appearance. At a special Human Rights Commission hearing at San(...)

Stars, Stripes, and Islamophobia

Sep 1, 2010

BY: Khaled A. Beydoun/Contributing Writer The proposed development of the Park 51 Community Center, which has been branded the “Ground Zero Mosque,” on the ground and in the media, has spurred far more than mere debate about Islam and Muslim America.(...)

Color Inside the Lines, Arab American Racial Identity

Aug 25, 2010

BY: Khaled A. Beydoun/Contributing Writer The 2010 US Census re-initiated the debate about where Arab America fits in within the nation’s broader racial order. Reflecting their national, religious and experiential diversity, Arab Americans have affiliated with a range of varying ethnic(...)

Arab Media: Ground Zero Mosque Debate a Test for Obama

Aug 17, 2010

BY: Suzanne Manneh/Contributing Writer President Obama said Saturday that Muslims have the right to build a mosque near New York's Ground Zero, but he declined to say whether he thinks it’s a good idea. The carefully calibrated remarks expanded on(...)

New York Mosque Initiative Sheds Light on Post 9-11 Islamophobia

Jul 21, 2010

BY: Ameera David/Contributing Writer A highly contentious plan to build a 13-story mosque in New York City has garnered its fare share of attention in recent days. Politicians, political pundits, and community members are ardently vocalizing their opinion about whether the(...)
Arab America

NPR's Studio 360 Airs Segmnent, "Belly Dancers in Detroit"

Jul 21, 2010

On a trip to discover one of Detroit's best entertainment attributes, reporter Martina Guzman takes a deeper look at the cultural institution of belly dancing. Guzman inquires to find out about how belly dancers, many whom are no longer Middle(...)

Arab Americans Frustrated in Wake of Nasr, Thomas Firings

Jul 14, 2010

BY: Ameera David/Contributing Writer If you search “Anchors & Reporters” on CNN’s website, you can still catch a glimpse of a smiling Octavia Nasr followed by an unending list of her outstanding journalistic achievements-- but not for long. In due time,(...)

The End of the World Cup: Arab Americans Reflect on a Pastime Favorite

Jul 7, 2010

BY: Ameera David/Contributing Writer If you drive down to Dearborn’s Warren Avenue around World Cup time, you might not recognize your destination at first sight. Instead, you’ll have stop to make sense of whatever isn’t buried under an array of world(...)

Despite Global Recession, Lebanese Tourism at All Time High

Mar 31, 2010

BY: Ameera David/Contributing Writer It’s known as the “Paris of the Middle East” and is often boasted as the only place where you can lay on the beach and ski down a mountaintop in the same day. This geographical treasure is(...)

4,137 Results (Page 342 of 345)