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Cornel West Objects to Israeli Occupation of Palestine in DNC Platform Committee

posted on: Jun 10, 2016

In an unprecedented discussion during the Democratic National Convention platform-writing committee hearing, Dr. Cornel West responded to Rep. Robert Wexler’s justification for Israel’s occupation. Dr. West respectfully pushed back from this justification, saying the occupation is a very real part of Palestinian suffering, and that peace cannot exist without an end to the occupation. Dr. West also put his support behind the BDS movement, saying it’s not an anti-Semitic movement, but a peaceful means to promote Palestinian rights. He rejects the accusation that caring about Palestinian lives makes someone anti-Semitic.

Dr. West also spoke about AIPAC’s overpowering influence on the Democratic Party, and said that in order to relieve┬áthis level of control, people will continue to work outside of the party with movements like BDS. Dr. Cornel West has long spoken out against Israeli policies, settlements, and crimes against Palestinians. His presence on the platform-writing committee is forcing the DNC to look deeper into solutions for major social justice issues that many democrats are concerned about.

Never before has a person in a platform-writing committee brought up the issue of Israel’s occupation of Palestine in such a manner. While many on the right and left are attacking Dr. West as anti-Israel, he is proudly sticking to his statements and continued promotion of peace and understanding.

Watch his statements:

Compiled by Arab America