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Defining the Beauty of Arab Women and their Characteristics

posted on: Mar 23, 2021

By: Ala Abed-Rabbo/Arab America Contributing Writer

Arab women are undeniably beautiful, both physically and intellectually. Most have endured many societal, male-dominance, and follow traditional aspect challenges. Through their strength, many Arab women are working towards gender equality, freedom, and empowerment. They aim to embody and lead their populations, and to pledge to additional positive change.

Arab Women

Savior Flair

The truth behind the Arab beauty: the Arab countries are home to various of the most prominent, gorgeous, and captivating women. Arab women, within the Arab world, tend to live in circumstances that are quite distinctive, with individual encounters that do not present in many other parts of the world. Many of the ambitious, sacred, valued, and beautiful women throughout history have experienced unfairness within Arab society.

They also have been subject to limits of their freedoms and privileges. Some of these traditions are based on religious beliefs. Many of the restrictions are cultural and originate from practice as well as religion.

Moreover, many people hold a rather dismal opinion of girls’ and women’s lives in the Muslim/Arab world. Such constrictive stereotypes and views about social traditions may form a one-dimensional portrayal of women that do not reveal their real variety and strength.

Some common refrains might refer to the Arab woman’s liberty to the demanding female role of a mother and wife in the household. Nevertheless, women’s characters follow and teach the family’s traditions, social rituals, and status.

The Empowerment of Arab Women

For more than two decades, a necessary yet ongoing improvement in the Arab world took place. The development is the gradual but persistent empowerment of Arab women. Women’s enfranchisement and gender equality should remain a fundamental aim of the world’s society.

Universally, there are many confusions about the struggles encountered by women in Arab countries. The leading image prevailing in such regions is that of mostly veiled, homemakers, and uneducated women. Unquestionably, some of those women exist in the Arab world. On the other hand, highly educated and professional Arab women prove the presence of persistence to develop as individuals.

Arab Women’s Determinations for Change

The Nation

Palestinian women have traditionally experienced high levels of education contrasted to women in other countries in the Arab world. Many have also participated in public and political activism, seeking freedom from the Israeli occupation.

For many decades, women coped with escalating challenges in Palestine under the occupation, including the Intifada, the Intra-Palestinian political split, Israel’s continuing ten long years of obstruction of the Gaza Strip, and wars Israel launched on the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian women have been the most distressed of all in the fall of Palestinian matters. The financial, governmental, and security situations depreciate the social grip on women’s entitlements, rights, and chances. Due to hardships, joblessness, and the barrier, there is an increase in early marriages, college withdraws, and divorce rates, all of which push women to be reliant on male family members.

However, many Palestinian women decided not to give up and have participated in occupations and activities to break societal and community obstacles and restrictions. Presently, women are runners, contestants in all-female competitions, restaurant owners, officers, and fisherwomen. Also, homemakers have created handmade sewing and traditional Palestinian cooking, promoting them over social media channels.

Arab Beauty

Each part of the world has got its own ‘taste’ and ‘definition’ on beauty. Arab women’s beauty is known for their big, striking eyes, illustrated as a dark almond-shape and framed with thick and naturally curled lashes. They have pronounced and elevated thick eyebrows, dark, long, and glossy hair, full lips, straight noses, oval or round head shape, olive skin, well-defined jawline, and curvy bodies. “Arab women are thought to be very attractive and beautiful.”

Arab Women and Leadership

However, currently, some Arab countries are appointing people who embody them and are lifting women to positions of control. Women in Bahrain consist of one-third of its foreign ministry personnel. Princess Reema, Bint Bandar Al-Saud, is the first female ambassador to represent Saudi Arabia. Also, Raya Al-Hassan of Lebanon became the first female interior minister for the whole Arab world.

Many Arab women seek higher education and motivation. Women found success in a wide range of fields, including art, science, technology, political engagement, media, entertainment, private enterprise, corporate, and finance. Besides, in Arab societies, where the family is a considerable influence, and the open-minded ones are a great help in establishing an encouraging environment for women’s accomplishments.


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