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DHGate Launches MyyShop for Promoting Decentralized Ecosystem

posted on: Oct 12, 2020

With the rampant growth and spread of the pandemic, more and more international companies are consistently sinking. The local economy is shrinking with every passing day, further contributing to a worsening break to the economy. It has affected the small, medium, and micro-businesses as well.

DHGate is a popular B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace available online. It provides users with superior e-commerce experience. It brings around a unique decentralized ecosystem in global trade. They have a consumer-centric ecosystem allowing users to experience a better shopping experience.

The company recently launched MyyShop, a new SaaS product meant for a decentralised shopping experience.

The new launch focuses on two distinct subjects, Online Store Creation along with Advanced Dropship services for the social commerce influencers. Dropshipping is gaining rampant popularity over time.

But, some of the biggest challenges that they face include finding suitable products, arranging logistics, and even providing the users with the necessary after-sales service.

MyyShop solves these problems for the users by enabling them to create their website easily and have an AI-enabled product recommendation with smart finance and dropshipping. It also allows the users dropshippers to provide users with 24×7 customer support and after-sales service.

The new platform will also provide the users to have a more cost-effective solution for their logistics. It also enables easier live streaming experience. The dropshipping market size is also expected to grow to US$557.9 billion by 2025.

With the sudden growth of the eCommerce platforms during this pandemic, decentralized e-commerce is likely going to further experience sustained growth in the international market.

MyyShop has also launched the Global Partnership Program, calling more and more people on board during this pandemic. This program will also include full capacity building with several cross-border e-commerce.

Diane Wang, founder, and CEO of DHgate even expressed their excitement with this new launch. This new ecosystem with these social networks connects international trade further empowering every role available in the supply chain.

With the uncertainty of the situations around, the launch of MyyShop is currently done the right way. This allows everyone around to participate in the global trade, empowering the locals to further serve the locals and create a situation that lets one witness a win-win role for inclusive growth.

The launch of this program also allows better opportunities for jobs, especially vital for Chinese manufacturers and the brands around.

In case you are confused about what dropshipping means, it is an e-commerce order fulfillment process that enables the resellers to sell their products to potential customers via several online channels.

DHGate is a popular platform that allows better B2B cross-selling in the marketplaces in China. The platform has over 31 million registered buyers scattered over 220 countries around the world. It has over 32 million products, allowing easier purchase and selling options for people across the globe.

This newest launch with MyyShop is hands down one of the most awaited options not just for the e-commerce enthusiasts but also for the dropshipping experts.

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