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Egypt is Literally on Fire. More Than Just  Metro Boomin, Concerts Touching Down in Cairo, Gouna, and More. 

posted on: Apr 10, 2024

By: Malak Hassouna / Arab America Contributing Writer 

When most Western artists announce their tours, they are usually located in the United States, and European cities are now expanding into Asia. However, Saudi Arabia has been making significant efforts to bring Western artists like Travis Scott, Charlie Puth, and more to their country, especially during the Formula One Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Yet it has not been a regional expansion till Egypt this April, which will bring the likes of Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, Metro Boomin, and many more into the country’s musical scene. Thus, let’s dive into the Western and Eastern artists performing this April in Egypt, Cairo, and Gouna. 

First, we must handle the much-anticipated Kanye West concert, which has officially been postponed. The decision follows criticism of the artists for not playing live during their headlining set at Rolling Loud in California. Disappointed supporters have taken to social media to question the reasons for the cancelation. Many Egyptians were looking forward to his first appearance in Egypt.

On April 12, 2024, starting at the start of Eid, Nooriyah (UK-based) will take the stage in Gouna. Known for their Boiler Room hits in London, she blurred boundaries and merged genres, producing a culturally varied and explosive mix of worldwide music. While she promotes new Arab artists and sounds such as Arabic trap, Syrian wedding dabke music, and mahraganat songs, she also sprinkles in nostalgia with old pop favorites and classics from previous generations, such as Umm Kulthum. She interweaves blends of hip-hop and rap in her music. Set to light Gouna on fire, amalgamating the old and the new, she will include fusions of both trap and the classic. 

The multi-Grammy-nominated producer Metro Boomin will debut in Egypt this spring. The program will follow his trailblazing path in furthering the Hip-Hop genre. Metro Boomin’s incredible brilliance is evident in his record-breaking catalog, my favorite being “Congratulations.” Metro Boomin got the people on their phones booking tickets that sold out within a few minutes (15). He will perform at the Grand Pyramids on April 30, 2024, and attempt to do what Travis Scott couldn’t. The big question is: Is he bringing the orchestra? 

Turning it up with a hometown hero, Naguib Sawiris takes over the switchboard again, mixing it up into Eid el Iftar. No other than another legend, Amr Diab, will return home to Egypt; more specifically, they will show off their exceptional talent in Gouna. 

Egypt loves to do some DJ sets; besides Nooriyah, a few more artists are coming to the scene, but not with an Arabic twist. Here are a few that come to mind: 

  1. Mathame at Palm Beach Ain El  Sokhna on April 10th. Taking out the last day of Ramadan. 
  2. Olympe at at Palm Beach Ain El  Sokhna on April 11th. 
  3. Retrogroove & Nachelle’s block party in Goun April 11-12th. 
  4. Stephen Bodzin at the Pyrimads on April 12. 
  5. Amémé at Cubix El Gouna on April 12, bringing in the Afrobeats. 
  6. Keinemusik at the Pyramids on April 19  

Let’s not forget some Indie- Pop coming to Egypt with Oscar and The Wolf at the Pyramids on April 11th, promising an electric night. 

Forget the usual suspects! This April, Egypt will be the place for music lovers. There’s something for everyone, from legendary Egyptian artists like Amr Diab to international stars like Metro Boomin. With a mix of DJ sets, indie pop, and everything in between, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable concert experience under the Egyptian sun. It does not stop in April, either. May is supposed to be packed with fantastic lineups ringing in Sahel season. If this is any indicator of how the summer will look, count me in. The real question is, where would you spend Eid Gouna or Cairo, and what concerts are you attending? What is your music taste?

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