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Erasing the Concept of Palestine From Our History Books?

posted on: Oct 19, 2020

By: Raneem Ghunaim/Arab America Contributing Writer

The erasure of Palestine from our history and our children’s history books have been happening for decades. For the most part, the Zionists have succeeded, or so they believe. Palestinians hold on to their history and story as if it is their passport or license. Today, being a Palestinian has a much deeper meaning. The phrase, “It’s Palestine against the world,” has been instilled in many households. Unfortunately, countries and leaders around the world do not have Palestinians’ best interests at heart; in fact, they never did because of the Zionists’ power.

The fight for freedom and country continues for Palestinians, and now more than ever, that fight includes ending the erasure of Palestinian history as well. We cannot allow the stories of the millions who have lost their lives and loved ones while protecting their land to be lost. We must stand together, whatever your background may be, in raising awareness and spreading the truth about the history of Palestine.

Let’s examine some aspects of Palestine that your US history book won’t share with you:

Settling In 

In 1948, Israel destroyed about 500 Palestinian towns and drove over 700,000 Palestinians out of their homes, creating a Jewish majority in Palestine. By 1949, only about 100,000 Palestinians remained in occupied Palestine. During that time, the United Nations resolutions granted Israel about 55% of historic Palestine. By the end of 1949, Israel had control of about 78% of Palestinian land. Over 750,000 Palestinians became refugees and had no other option but to flee their homes and land to protect themselves and loved ones.

Military Force Against Palestinians 

For decades, Zionist military soldiers have carried out numerous massacres against Palestinian civilians, especially against women and children, raising fear among the Palestinian population. Ethnic cleansing to this day continues to be an ongoing practice done by Israel. Approximately 200,000 (plus) Palestinians have been expelled from the West Bank during the 1967 Six-Day War. Additionally, Israel continues its genocide against the Palestinian population while heavily concentrating on ethnically cleansing parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem in order to create a space for illegal Jewish settlers.

Regardless of the fact that Israel illegally occupied Palestine, stole the land, and committed genocide, they still refuse to own up to their crimes. Israel continuously refuses the right of return to any Palestinian living in Occupied Palestine. As a matter of fact, those holding a Palestinian passport are prohibited from traveling to the C zone (Israeli occupied land) because those roads are to be reserved for illegal Jewish settlers.

Palestine’s Geography Location

Ever wonder why Palestine is so desirable by everyone? It certainly is not about religion, like some claim it to be. Every country seems to want a piece of Palestinian land, but why? Palestine is known for the production of grapevines, almonds, figs, citrus, olive trees, and grains – but these are not products that a country could get rich from. It certainly is not oil or gold. So what is it about Palestine that draws everyone in? Looking at Palestine through a geographical lens, you will discover that its located in the middle of the world surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. How is that important? Having full control of Palestine gives one access to a lot of the international trade that happens.

And this is where the answer can be found – if one was to have full control of Palestine, they would have a big advantage in the import/export world. About 2,000 years ago, countries like China and India used to export many of their good to Europe, and they would have to go through the Levant area, the Silk Road.

Returning Home

Before fleeing their homes due to military force, many Palestinians held on to their house keys and papers to prove that this land did, in fact, belong to them. Although Israel denies the evidence and tries to erase the idea of Palestine, people still have proof that they owned their homes and lands for longer than the state of Israel has been around.

In today’s history books, Palestine has been removed, its history has been rewritten, and people have been silenced. They attempt to brain-wash the new generation into lies through alternative facts (that is obviously not factual at all). Despite this attempt to change the narrative, people are hopeful. Palestinians have never given up during detrimental hardships, and they certainly won’t give up on this one. It has been over 72 years now since the occupation began, and Palestinians have fought with every ounce of bravery they have; and to this day, they remain strong. Sooner or later, justice will be served – every Palestinian forced to flee their home will return back.

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