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Al-Hadiqa Apprenticeship in Environmental Stewardship

Al-Hadiqa Apprenticeship in Environmental Stewardship

Date(s) - 06/17/2024
12:00 am

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Arab American National Museum


Contact Person:
Fatima Al-Rasool
Arab American National Museum

Al-Hadiqa Apprenticeship in Environmental Stewardship – Application

Join the High School Eco Crew!

AANM invites Dearborn/Detroit-area high school students to apply for the Al-Hadiqa Apprenticeship in Environmental Stewardship program. Applications are due by June 17, 2024. Up to 10 students will be selected for the program. No experience is necessary! The program will take place in person at AANM from 4:00-6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, June 25 – August 13, 2024. Please review the information below before filling out the application.

Al-Hadiqa Apprenticeship in Environmental Stewardship is a 3-month long program led by AANM. Focused on environmental stewardship, advocacy, and gardening, the program provides students with opportunities for hands-on scientific learning, community-based environmental activism, and purpose-driven storytelling. APPLY TODAY!

Hands-On Learning with a Naturalist: 
Guided by experienced naturalists, students will get their hands dirty, learning the art of garden care and sustainable practices. From planting seeds to nurturing thriving green spaces, participants will develop a deep connection with nature and gain practical skills to contribute to a healthier environment. Students will also learn more about SWANA eco-diversity and planting practices. These hands-on workshops will take place on Al-Hadiqa: AANM’s Heritage Garden.

Empowering Future Stewards: 
Our program goes beyond gardening! Students will be empowered to be ambassadors for the environment by creating powerful Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Through engaging lessons on writing, video creation and various storytelling methods, they’ll harness their creativity to spread awareness about crucial environmental issues.

Unleash Your Creative Voice: 
Explore the world of storytelling, cinematography and content creation. Students will not only enhance their writing skills but also develop the expertise to convey impactful messages through visually compelling PSAs. This apprenticeship is the perfect platform for budding environmental advocates to express their passion and inspire change.

Join the Green Revolution! Secure Your Spot Today:
This apprenticeship program is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about fostering a sense of responsibility towards our planet. Open doors to a future where your passion for the environment meets the power of creative expression. Apply now and become a driving force for positive change in your community! 🌍🌱

What you can expect from your Al-Hadiqa Apprenticeship:

  • Learn from seasoned naturalists about sustainable gardening practices
  • Gain insights into climate issues, conservation, and sustainability
  • Develop skills in writing, video creation, and other advocacy-based storytelling methods
  • Collaborate on meaningful projects to create awareness and inspire positive action in your community
  • Explore opportunities to build community with other youth advocates
  • Furthering your connection with nature and the land around you
  • A Certificate of Completion and a $250 gift card upon full completion of the program
  • A professional headshot (photo of yourself!)
  • A great addition to your resume

Expectations of Participants:

  • Attend each of the sessions from June through August 2024\
  • Be willing to get your hands dirty in the garden
  • Show enthusiasm and curiosity for learning about environmental stewardship, SWANA eco-diversity, and sustainable gardening practices
  • Bring your creative ideas to life in writing, video creation, and other content creation projectsRespect the garden space, tools, and the diverse ideas of your peers and mentors
  • Have a passion for environmental advocacy and a willingness to inspire positive change in your community
  • Share feedback with other youth participants to sharpen each other’s craft
  • Share feedback with facilitators to ensure that programming can be improved

These expectations will help ensure that every participant makes the most of this transformative experience.

For questions, e-mail Fatima Al-Rasool at

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