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Fruit Up Your Shisha

posted on: Aug 16, 2017


Fruit Up Your Shisha

BY: Yara Jouzy/ Contributing Writer 

Shisha is a major part of many Arabs ‘ daily lives, especially in the Middle East. Whether its a chill night with your family or after a long day of work, there’s usually shisha involved. It’s a way to relax, unwind and socialize. Shisha was more of a cultural activity that has now become a lifestyle for Arabs and many Arab Americans too.


Although the shisha originated in India and Pakistan, it is now more common in the Middle East than ever. You can usually find shisha at restaurants, cafes, lounges, and more. This lifestyle is normal for Arabs, but they find ways to make it extraordinary.


There’s a way to take it up a notch, with fruits. The tobacco in Shisha people smoke, these days, is flavored usually with fruits such as cherry, lemon, grape etc. These flavors are so sweet yet sour and it makes the tobacco tasty. It’s these flavors that entice people to smoke.

Fruit Up Your Shisha
 The tobacco gives the smoker a great sensation, but imagine what happens when you smoke out of a real fruit and not a vase!


For example, there is delicious watermelon flavored tobacco that many people love. To make this taste even stronger, longer lasting and fresh, the smoker can use a real watermelon. This can be done by cutting open the watermelon from the top, scooping out the fruit from inside and filling it up with water instead. The watermelon base will then replace the vase and the rest of the shisha equipment can be hooked up from there. It’s a tasty shisha and the plus side is that you’ll get the fresh watermelon to eat on the side too.

Fruit Up Your Shisha
Here you can see the watermelon being scooped from inside by simply using a spoon. It’s not as easy as it looks, as you want to make sure that you’re not taking too much of the fruit out.


Fruit Up Your Shisha

In the photo above, you can clearly see a watermelon that was cut open from the top, and the rest of the equipment is being attached back to it.

To watch a full video of how to make a watermelon shisha click here.

While watermelon is a great example, this can also be done with a melon as a base or a lemon, orange etc as a head of the shisha where the tobacco goes. There aren’t any rules and you can be as creative as you want.

Fruit Up Your Shisha

Above you can see the different types of fruits that can be used for the tobacco head. The tobacco head can be as small or as large as you want, as long as the base can hold it up. Watermelon can be used as both, the base and the tobacco head, as seen in the following images. You can almost do it with all fruits if you tried to.

Shisha is meant to be exciting and fun, so why not try it this summer in your own home. Just don’t do it too much because you want to always keep those lungs healthy.


Warning: Research has shown smoking Shisha for one hour is comparable to inhaling the same amount of smoke from more than 100 cigarettes.