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Gigi Hadid's Recent Street Style Footwear Is Serious Off-Duty Goals

posted on: Mar 16, 2019



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While the rest of us over here still scratching our heads about how to save up for a pair of last season Balenciaga ‘dad trainers,’ Gigi Hadid has moved well into next season, putting all of us to shame.

When it comes to Hadid’s off-duty style, the 23-year-old has always led the way for effortless street fashion, showcasing only the coolest range of bomber jackets, hoodies and teeny tiny sunglasses.

But this month, it’s not her Off-White jumpers that have made us feel green with envy; it’s her choice of footwear.

Most recently, the Hadid stepped out wearing her Ugg slippers and, to be honest, we’ve never felt like we had more in common with the supermodel.

But this wasn’t the first time in recent weeks that the model has had us looking at her feet.

Taking your brogues and raising you a platform sole, Hadid arrived at the ‘American in Paris’ party during Paris Fashion Week wearing these thick-bottomed lace-up shoes that looked very similar to the ones she sported just recently on the Prada runway.

Props, also, to Hadid for wearing the seriously covetable sheer Prada pop-socks which have begun to crop up on every Instagram influencer ever.

Can’t afford Prada? Wolford do a similar version:

Wolford Knee-Highs, Black


Red platform trainers? You better bet Gigi Hadid has a pair. Slender patent ankle boots with a low heel? Prime position in her wardrobe.

But of all the many great street style footwear options that Gigi Hadid has showcased in the last month, there is one trusty pair of shoes that the model has returned to countless times.

And that would be her Dr Martens boots.

Dr Martens Made In England 1460 Vintage Lace Up Boots, Black