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How Dating Apps Are Revolutionizing Relationships for Muslim Senior Citizens

posted on: Sep 20, 2020

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

There are few areas of society that haven’t been impacted by online dating. In every corner of the globe, singles are signing up to their favorite matching resources in droves. For some of the larger websites, that means memberships running into millions. Sites also cater to niche areas, such as dating for senior citizens, or people of a certain faith, like Muslims. There are even apps aimed at both! So how are dating apps revolutionizing relationships for senior Muslims?


There might be a vast dating pool for Muslims – there are 3.5 million in the USA alone – but there are still several hurdles facing mature citizens when it comes to sifting through the possibilities to find an ideal match. But as is the case with the general population, older people are becoming increasingly attracted to the online environment. So many online platforms are exclusively aimed at older users, with sites such as oldcooldates dating designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with straightforward interfaces and easy navigation. These can be accessed at whatever time suits – as long as you remember to mute the device when you enter the mosque!


Where apps are particularly worthwhile for mature Muslims is in the degree of choice on offer. There is no such thing as one Muslim aspiration. There are Sunnis (80-90% of the overall population,) as well as Shias, Baha’is, Ahmadiyyas, and many others, each with specific ideas of an ideal relationship. Older singles might have an even more refined ‘wishlist.’ Using apps gives the option of sifting through various options before deciding which would be most appropriate. Within the app itself, site users can be as picky as they wish when selecting which singles to get to know better, based on criteria such as physical description, or hobbies and interests.

Tailored searches

The best way of a senior Muslim to find someone compatible online would be to pay close attention to their initial search parameters. With so many potential candidates for romance to choose from, the more accurately these requests can be filtered, the better. When you complete the web form that will capture a cross-section of individuals matching your preferences, you can cover everything from your preferred age-range, to the cultural background (North Africa, Middle Eastern, European, North American or whatever,) and occupation. Are you looking for friendship or romance?

Solving technophobia

A lot of older individuals, regardless of their religious leaning, are intimidated by technology. Where dating websites are concerned, they might be further daunted by the degree of competition with so many other Muslim singles clamoring for attention. This is where apps can come into their own, giving new users the confidence to make the most of the dating opportunities they hold in the palm of their hands. Exploring relationship possibilities isn’t a sprint. When you sign up for a dating app, you are the person in charge of your destiny. You can take as long as you wish to get acquainted with the other users, perhaps starting by introducing yourself in a chat room. Here you can meet other older Muslims, keeping one eye open for those you have most in common with.

Transcending boundaries

Perhaps you have an idea you’d like to reach out to senior Muslims from Jordan, or Bosnia-Herzegovina, Palestine, or Morocco? Apps enjoy global popularity, so you’ll have no difficulty meeting prospective partners from all over the world. You can chat about all sorts of subjects, perhaps even arranging to connect in person during religious holidays.



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