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How Do You Like Your Dates?

posted on: Dec 7, 2020

By: Mohamed Nada/Arab America Contributing Writer

The ideal date that I like are normally ones that a sweet, packed with enjoyment, and make sure I have more than just one. Not only that but I have to make sure to have them during October till January or else it would not be the same as having them any time of the year. Being that those are the months dates are usually grown before being consumed.

Wait a minute, you thought I was talking about a date, like with someone and doing stuff. No, I wish I had a date but the ones I am talking about are the ones most people from the Middle East grow and sell to people to eat.

“Dates” by ella.o is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dates come in all sizes and colors and it really depends on how you like to consume them. Many people like dates that are just plain, nothing but the date itself, and are normally dried. Others can enjoy them while they are chocolate dipped, or even covered in nuts since dates can be used with pretty much everything.

According to Steve Albert from Harvest to Table, “The Middle East produces most of the world’s dates. California grows most of the dates produced in North America”.

Different Type of Dates to Have:

Traditional Dates

These dates are usually the softs ones out of the dates and are one of the richest when it comes to flavor. When cured it turns from an amber color to more of bronze and you see it in the picture above.

When should you have these dates: Any time of day really, very beneficial when you eat one in the morning on an empty stomach and provides valuable nutrition.

Chocolate Covered Dates

These chocolate covered delights are very delicious and when made right, as soon as you bit inside the date explodes with flavor, especially when being coated with the chocolate.

When to have these dates: When you are really feeling yourself, or when you just want to sit back and relax drink some tea and enjoy having one fine chocolate covered date.

Almond Stuffed Dates

If you are a nutty person and enjoy almonds, well then these types of dates are made for you. By coating the almond in the date, when bitten while give you that soft-crunchy feeling while taking a bite.

When to have these dates: Can be consumed as a snack or after dinner when you do not want anything heavy these types of dates will fill you up.

Honey Dates

As the name states, honey dates, dates that are covered in honey. Sticky when you pick it up, but when you eat it, the honey coat on the date will give the extra sugar that you are looking for.

When to have these dates: When you have someone who is a sweet tooth, and especially enjoys having the extra sugar that is produced by the honey.

Pistachio Dates

If you like eating pistachio plain, why not pair it up with a date? By putting these two together, the pistachio/date mixture will sure leave you wanting more.

When to have them: For breakfast for sure, making it a nice health alternative if you are sick of having pistachio all by itself.

Stuffed Dates with Cream Cheese and Walnut

Have you ever heard that saying of cream cheese goes with anything? Well, literally it goes with anything, especially if you pair it up with a nice date while topping it off with some walnuts. What a crazy combination this makes.

When to have them: Honestly you can have them as a delicious snack. They are very healthy and is better than eating some junk out of the fridge.

Coconut Covered Dates

If you thought cream cheese was too much for a date, well then coconut tops it, especially when you coat the date in it, give it a chocolate drizzle, and top it off with an almond.

When to have them: These types of dates you see when you want to get fancy and show the person on the date you are with that you know how to treat them right, these coconut cover dates are the right ones for the occasion.

Pecan Stuffed Dates

Another way of having dates, instead of filling it with almond, walnut, etc., is by pairing it up with pecans. If you are not a fan of pecan pie, then these are a great alternative.

When to have these dates: Normally some restaurants serve this as a dessert dish, or when they are freshly made in a bakery, gives it a very humbling flavor.


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