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How to Adjust to US University -8 Tips for Arab Students

posted on: Aug 2, 2020

How to Adjust to US University -8 Tips for Arab Students

Studying in the US university opens multiple horizons for learners as it is a great contribution to personal development. As an Arab student, you always need to be ready for new experiences and changes that will follow after you become a student at an American university.

Life in the USA might appear totally different from life back home. Thus, you ought to adjust yourself to a foreign culture and be ready for overwhelming changes. However, your transition can be smooth and pleasant in case you prepare yourself to those changes in advance. Below are some indeed useful pieces of advice that will help you succeed with international studies.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

American education is extremely demanding, so, don’t be afraid if you fail to manage all your assignments during your first semester. It is likely that as exams will draw closer, your workload will be massive. Additionally, if you decide on finding yourself a part-time job, completing all assignments timely and on your own will be difficult for you.

Do not worry about getting low marks since you can turn to essay writer and save time, nerves, and your reputation in the class. Experienced writers will instantly grasp an idea and get you the paper according to all the requirements.

Join campus activities

Making connections where possible is fundamental if you want to integrate into US college life. No matter what your preferences and hobbies are, you will immediately find some language courses or join a club to do your favorite thing.

Becoming a part of vibrant campus life and engaging yourself in some activity can be beneficial in several ways. First and foremost, it allows you to make new friends and connections. Besides, you get a unique chance to take up new courses or become a member of a language club and saturate your life. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to meet people and realize that you’re far not alone.

Work towards self-improvement

A peculiar feature of academic life in the USA implies its individualistic culture. In particular, any university expects high self-motivation from all students as well as personal dedication.

To make the process of adjusting to university life easier, stay organized, and create a time schedule. You can both write everything down on a paper or use online planners. Above all, remember about deadlines and inform your professor if you have difficulty submitting your paper on time.

Be initiative and ask questions

You have to be prepared that sometimes it can be tough to understand everything at once. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask questions where appropriate and when you feel like you need clarification. There is no need to be afraid that you will be laughed at or misunderstood, since asking questions is a normal practice. Besides, this can be a plus for you in terms of the teacher-student relationship.

Get to know your international adviser

Getting in touch with your international adviser and staff is essential. These people can support all your needs and guide you through difficulties. Just come to an international student’s office and introduce yourself. Thus, advisers will recognize your face next time you come across them and will further respond to your needs.

Be talkative and speak up

How to Adjust to US University -8 Tips for Arab Students


Even if your professor has some views that drastically differ from yours, don’t be shy to express your opinion. Critical thinking is especially valuable in US universities, so, speaking up and demonstrating your own point is appreciated. The educational experience is saturated with discussions, and you can freely participate in them.

Get to know the culture and peculiarities

It is essential to get familiar with the traditions of the country and general approaches to various life aspects. If you don’t feel that you are mentally prepared for a new country and its mentality, keep in mind some tips to avoid cultural shock. First and foremost, manage to understand local beliefs and stay sensitive. This will let you get new friends and become loved by your mates.

Improve your English speaking skills

If you have already enrolled at the US university, this means that you already know English as an intermediate level. Nonetheless, there should always be room for improvement. Manage to make English-speaking friends so that you can get an experience of communicating with natives. Or, you may join speaking clubs and watch movies in English. Anyway, improving your English is the fundamental step towards adjusting to US university life.

Academic success and smooth transition to the US culture will no longer seem impossible if you consider all the critical points outlined above. There is no doubt that you will hardly adjust during your first day, but, following the recommendations above will make your studying experience pleasant and delightful.


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