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How to Apply for a Kuwait Visa

posted on: Nov 30, 2020

How to Apply for a Kuwait Visa

The government of Kuwait offers various visas to eligible citizens that visit the country. Visitors are required to have the appropriate visa to be allowed to enter Kuwait. The various classes of visas help to differentiate between the individual’s entrance particulars.

The various visas help to define the following:                                

  • The visitor’s entry requirements
  • Their length of stay
  • Reasons for their visit

Types of Visas

1. Tourist eVisa

The eVisa is a single entry visa which you apply for online. For more information about this visa, check here. It takes minutes to complete and requires you to fill in the following information:

  • Passport and personal information
  • Travel details
  • Answer security questions

If your application is successful, your approved eVisa Kuwait is sent via email. It allows you a consecutive stay of 90 days in the country. Also, it comes with a validity of 30 days to enter the country from the moment of approval. 

It takes up to 3 days to process your online application. Eligible citizens are advised to submit their applications at least three business days before the day they intend to enter Kuwait. 

2. Residence

Apart from GCC citizens, expatriates that wish to live in Kuwait must have a Kuwait residence visa. GCC member states include the following:

  • Bahrain
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

There are three main types of residence visas in Kuwait. These are:

  • Work visa
  • Dependent/family visa
  • Domestic visa

The three visas require a sponsor. If you have lived in the country for a long time and have adequate finances, you can sponsor your own residence. 

3. Visit

This one is sponsored by a Kuwait company or a relative that resides in the country. The sponsor may use a faxed copy of the visitor’s passport to acquire the visit visa. The visa can then be faxed back to the visitor to enable them to travel to the country. 

It takes up to two days to acquire your Kuwait visit visa. Hotels can also facilitate the acquisition of a visit visa for business purposes. This may take at least 7 days. 

4. Transit

You can obtain this one from Kuwait’s port authority or the consulate aboard. It must be put to use in 7 days after which it expires. A new one must then be sought. 

To obtain your transit visa, you need a valid visa for the next country you intend to visit. You must also present a confirmed onward ticket if you do not work on a ship or an airline. International truck drivers can access multiple Kuwait transit visas.

5. The Entrance Visa

Government and civil sector workers can issue visas for joining providers. The minimum fee for this is 400KD and these documents are required:

  • A copy of the sponsor’s civil ID 
  • A copy of the visitor’s passport 
  • A copy of the company contract or license
  • Proof of marriage of kinship document
  • A copy of the work permit that shows the civil sectors employee’s salary condition
  • A salary certificate of the government sector 

The worker must meet the minimum salary requirement. Visit the General Department of Immigration in the governorate you refer to. After submitting the relevant documents, you will fill a service application form and then pay a 3KD fee. 


The visa you obtain is dependent on your purpose of visit. Also, be sure to check whether you are a GCC national as well as your eligibility to obtain a Kuwait visa. 

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