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How to Travel the Arab World: AirBnb

posted on: Nov 9, 2021

By: Waverly Nohr/ Arab America Contributing Writer

While we read about the wonders, landscapes, and treasures of the Arab world, actually visiting the countries can seem both intimidating as well as expensive. With hotel prices, transportation costs, food expenses, as well as simply not knowing where to go within the country, travelling can seem overwhelming. Many people who are not advent travelers choose to not go the extra mile of doing extensive research to find out where to go and where to get the best prices for whatever they would be doing. Instead, they go on an easier, less hassle, less expensive trip to a more traveled part of the world. Luckily, the innovators of this generation have found ways to avoid the usual obstacles of traveling in the Arab world. In this series, a few different travelling organizations will be featured to aid you in finding a unique way to travel and making sure your trip is as authentic as possible. In this article, the organization, AirBnb, will be explored. 

While the world seems to be opening a little more each day, travel seems to be more attainable. While many Americans were laid off from their jobs, ideally, a more economical way off traveling would be preferable. Hotels can be expensive and so AirBnb provides a similar experience in the quality of your room or location in proximity to cities or tourist attractions. There is many benefits to AirBnb and one is that you can choose how luxurious you want your stay to be. You could go for a high end AirBnb and end up with a private pool or beach access or you could choose a very cheap place to stay and bunk with other travelers. Both situations can add to the experience you wish to have. Lastly, another feature of AirBnb is called, “Superhost.” A SuperHost is one that makes meals for you, recommends or takes you to spots that you can visit and definitely gives you more of a local perspective on the country you visit. 

A popular destination for people visiting the Arab world is Jordan. There are many AirBnb’s in Amman and many of them are high end with nice views. This one here is an entire apartment offered with a SuperHost. The listing states that, “Find yourself in the heart of one of Amman chicest neighborhoods at the beautiful Rainbow Street – Downtown. Not only is this luxury studio centrally located, a recent renovation means it’s just as stylish as its surroundings. Start each day of your holiday on the right note with a cup of tea from our beverages, and finish by unwinding in front of the satellite TV and Wi-Fi.”  

Credit: AirBnb

If you weren’t planning a trip to Amman, you might be after seeing this enticing place that could be yours. “Every inch of space glistens at this new designer Studio above Amman oldest and traditional Downtown shops. Our tile gold floors connect cozy bedrooms to a sunny living room that overlooks a gorgeous view of Amman mountains and potted birch and cypress trees as well as our new Patio and Backyard.” 

Another option in Morocco is staying at a “Fisherman’s Cabin” located next to the sea. While the structure you would be sleeping in is more humble and quaint, the view is something that brings this AirBnb up to another level. The host says, “A hideaway experience, where the contact with ocean. Ideal for relaxing and recharging batteries. A very simple place but, thee picturesque and charming surroundings is what makes it a one of its kind, stress-free and fantastic place most definitely worth visiting.” 

Credit: AirBnb
Credit: AirBnb
Credit: AirBnb

After reading this far into the series, there are many options to weigh. Designing your own adventure can mean relaxing by the pool or getting yourself into a situation that is both hard and exciting to navigate. AirBnb, Wwoof, Workaway, and Couchsurfing are all so different but steer you away from the traditional ways of traveling. 

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