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Imam Qazwini Meets Pope Benedict in Washington, D.C.

posted on: Apr 23, 2008

On Thursday, April 17, 2008, Imam Hassan Qazwini along with ten other Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu religious leaders meet with Pope Benedict XVI at John Paul Cultural Center in Washington , D.C.

Having met two years ago at the Vatican , Imam Qazwini reiterated the significe of leading the efforts of establishing permanent dialogue between Muslims Catholics.

Imam Qazwini urged the Pope to continue his efforts in promoting such dialogues. In response, Pope Benedict VXI stated that he along with his staff at the Vatican are preparing for a dialogue session with Muslim spiritual leaders in November.

At the conclusion of their meeting, Imam Qazwini offered the Pope a copy of his book “American Crescent” and in exchange the Pope presented Imam Qazwini with a symbolic gift.

Picture caption below:
Imam Qazwini meets with the Pope two years ago at the Vatican