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Insight into Casino Security

posted on: Jun 15, 2020

One of the most important parts of successfully running a casino is security. And, in our digital age, the role of casino security is perhaps more important than ever. As cheaters and criminals get hold of better technology and more advanced methods, casino technology has had to keep up. 

The role of casino security has had an even more important part to play over recent years. The rise of AI and the sophistication of hackers has improved at an alarmingly increasing rate. Even in the Online casino sector security has stepped things up a notch to stay ahead. 

Casino security is also vital in keeping players safe, along with their private details. Many Casino Games operators across the globe are spending more money on tightening their security than they ever have before. And for good reason – tight casino security is the only way to protect the industry and customers. Even when a generous online casino welcome bonus is offered on several popular sites, cheaters always find ways to bypass the system, legally.

All casino systems go 

The typical cost of upping casino security averages out to up to $2 million. However, the cost of not having tight and reliable security in place is even higher. The usual perception of casino security is that it’s shrouded in secrecy. However, security surveillance can be a lot more complex. 

Indeed, there are many factors that go into ensuring that security surveillance is to a top-notch standard. Still slightly secretive, pushing boundaries to ensure the safety of staff, players, and games, it’s deeper than simply watching over casino halls to catch the latest cheater or potential robber. 

It does seem like a lot of money, but security is a necessity and investment in the success of a casino. High-tech security covers all casino areas from the Casino Games floor to shops, restaurants, receptions, entrances, and exits. A casino is susceptible to crime no matter what time of day. 

Big brother is watching 

Indeed, like a plot from the infamous George Orwell novel, many Casino Games players are likely to be blissfully ignorant of how scrutinized everything in the casino is. Security systems are so sophisticated that if necessary a person’s movements could be put together over the course of their entire stay. 

It’s not just punters who receive such intense scrutiny. Even the staff at a casino are monitored by management and security at any given time. Staff are trustworthy, but a casino is a high-risk area of theft, it would be those on the inside who’d know the ropes best. 

A casino would be most vulnerable to a person who would know best how the systems in the casino work. Although the emphasis is on tracking and surveilling players due to financial implications and practicalities, it makes sense the casino would have to keep tabs on their own staff’s actions. 

How has advanced technology improved casino security? 

Casino security is constantly in a state of flux, as the industry has seen a move from analog camera surveillance to that which is more IP-based, operative across networks. IP-based security surveillance has made things a lot easier for casino managers to access information efficiently when necessary. 

The aim of security is to stay one step ahead of potential threats, so another thing that has changed the casino security industry is analytics software. Built-in analytics help managers better their response and get to grips with the flow of traffic patterns. For example, heat mapping shows loitering. 

People-counting tools also enable security managers to track visitors more effectively and allocate staff much better within a moment’s notice. Surveillance methods are still pretty secretive in the industry so that potential cheaters don’t have the upper hand. Casinos even possess some secret passages for security teams and VIPs.

What’s in the future for casino security? 

Of course, the ongoing battle to keep casinos safe and protect customers is never going to end as people are always going to try and breach its walls of protection. Cheaters will always try their best to find ways of overpowering the obstacles casinos put in place to stop them. 

In turn, security will continue developing new procedures and processes to stay one step ahead. Technology will be used by casino security to stop cheaters, and technology will be used by cheaters to stop casino security. However, advancements in technology are likely going to be more useful for casino security. 

For example, 360-degree video, data-mining, infra-red cameras, better alarm systems, license plate recognition, and facial recognition will start to become more widely used. Cybersecurity technology will also continue to evolve and even further improve as cameras are most likely to benefit from the upgrades in technology. 

Staying secure at an Online casino 

Making sure that you stay safe at an Online casino is also a top priority for casino operators. You can stay safe online by taking some precautions yourself which will require little effort. For example, any good Online casino is accessed via your email and a password, make yours memorable. 

In addition, stay away from auto-fill. Never select auto-save with your bank details when you’re at an online casino either. This will only make it easier for someone to steal your bank details and spend your money if they do somehow get access to your Online casino profile. 

Indeed, an Online casino is one of the safest places you can go to gamble, but nothing comes without risks. There are many firewalls in place at an Online casino that hackers won’t be able to get past, and as technology and software improve so too does Online casino security. 

We’ve all seen the changes the advances in technology have brought to the table. Better games, better innovations, and better accessibility to name just a few. But it’s really in the casino security sector where we’re actually seeing the advantages that technology has to offer its players. It’s an exciting time for the gambling industry, and we can only imagine what the future holds for security and surveillance.



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