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ISNA President Addresses Interfaith Breakfast at Democratic National Convention

posted on: Aug 25, 2008

Interfaith leaders gathered at the Democratic National Convention to link faith and action under the theme: “Our Sacred Responsibility: to our Children, to our Neighbors, to our Nation and to our World.”

The August 25th event brought together delegates, elected officials and faith leaders representing America’s diverse religious traditions. Scriptures were read from each of the Abrahamic traditions, respectively followed by speakers representing Protestant Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam.

Among the distinguished speakers was ISNA President, Dr. Ingrid Mattson who spoke about the blessings of religious tolerance and inclusiveness found in America and the importance of partnership and supporting one another as Americans.

The main theme expressed clearly throughout the program is that faith compels us to action for the betterment of our society and world. In support of this premise, Dr. Mattson expressed ” I do believe that America’s sacred responsibility to the world is to first come to know others, to engage them in honest dialogue and interaction, and then, to live up to our values of justice, equality and the promotion of human dignity to give hope to others. I believe that is what this gathering is about and what the DNC means by putting Faith in Action.”

Throughout the week of the Convention, several events were held to highlight the Democrat partys’ commitment to “Faith in Action.”