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Lusail: Qatar’s Smart City

posted on: Jul 12, 2023

Lusail: Qatar’s Smart City

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By: Eman El-Ajlouni / Arab America Contributing Writer

A revolutionary city is growing in the center of Qatar, ready to transform how people think about urban living. An inspirational initiative called Lusail presents the future of smart cities and establishes new benchmarks for sustainable growth. Innovating from the ground up, Lusail is evidence of Qatar’s dedication to urban excellence and innovation. With its modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and emphasis on environmental sustainability, Lusail will surely stand out as a symbol of advancement and serve as a model for cities in the future. The city was built to be a distinctive and flawless integration between Doha’s legacy and modern change. Not like the new city, The name “Lusail”, in reality, has a long history. The word “lusail” is taken from the Qatari name for one of Qatar’s rarest flowers, “al wassail,” which is seen to be a real emblem of the authenticity of the locality. 

This sustainable city is being built as part of Qatar National Vision 2030.  The development, building, marketing, and administration of the city are handled by Lusail Real Estate Development Company (LREDC), a division of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company. The project is costing about $45 billion in total. Beginning in 2006, work is anticipated to be finished by 2025. The 2022 FIFA World Cup’s final game was held in Lusail as a monument to its magnificence, further establishing its status as a world landmark and a shining example of a forward-thinking city.

A Linked City’s Smart Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Lusail, which supports its designation as a smart city, is solid and clever. The city’s transportation system works together flawlessly to provide inhabitants and tourists with a productive and integrated system. Lusail emphasizes sustainable travel, including a modern light rail network, eco-friendly buses, and designated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ecologically sound practices and energy efficiency

Environmental sustainability is deeply ingrained in the design concept of Lusail. The city uses solar energy and other renewable energy sources to reduce its carbon footprint. Buildings now incorporate energy-saving systems that maximize resource use and decrease waste. An environmentally friendly future is made possible by Lusail’s smart grid architecture, which guarantees the effective distribution of power.

Enhanced Living with Smart Buildings

Intelligent structures that revolutionize urban living grace the skyline of Lusail. These buildings include cutting-edge technologies and automated features including lighting, temperature management, and occupancy sensors. Comfort, security, and energy efficiency are effortlessly incorporated into residents’ daily routines, enhancing their quality of life.

Community Empowerment via Digital Connection

Connectivity is crucial in the digital era, and Lusail makes no effort to give its citizens the latest technology. Every area of the city has high-speed internet access, enabling fluid digital experiences. The digital infrastructure of Lusail enables smart government, e-healthcare, and e-education, enabling the community to thrive in a world that is dominated by technology.

A thriving place for culture and entertainment

By providing a wide range of entertainment, cultural, and recreational amenities and facilities, Lusail goes beyond the bounds of urban growth. A lively and welcoming environment is created by iconic landmarks, outstanding athletic arenas, cultural centers, and large green areas. A healthy and contented lifestyle is guaranteed by Lusail’s dedication to giving its people a complete experience. You can check the site of “visit Qatar” to see some of these activities within this extremely amazing city.


As Lusail develops, it demonstrates Qatar’s aspiration and commitment to building a technologically sophisticated, environmentally friendly city. By adopting smart city concepts, Lusail prepares the path for a day when urban life and the environment live together. Lusail is well-positioned to inspire and influence the cities of the future because of its connected, energy-efficient, and intelligent infrastructure as well as its dedication to boosting quality of life. The innovative project is a symbol of development, showcasing Qatar as a pioneer in urban innovation and a source of inspiration for a sustainable future.

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