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Mobilization underway for Rasmea Odeh’s June 13 hearing in Detroit

posted on: Jun 11, 2016

Fisht Back News!


From across the Midwest, supporters of longtime Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh are mobilizing for a Detroit rally that will coincide with her June 13 status hearing in federal court. The status hearing will take place in chambers, meaning the public cannot attend. The rally will take place at 10:00 a.m. at the U.S. Courthouse, located at 231 W. Lafayette Boulevard in downtown Detroit.

Supporters from Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit, Dearborn, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and other places are expected to participate in the rally.

Jess Sundin, of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression states, “We have achieved some important victories in the movement to defend Rasmea. If the government had its way she would be in prison right now. It is important that those who can come to Detroit to stand with her do so. “

“Rasmea has done nothing wrong. She has devoted the whole of her life to bettering her community and the liberation of Palestine,” continue Sundin.

The June 13 status hearing comes in the aftermath of a Federal Appeals Court ruling that the judge in Odeh’s case was wrong in the limits he placed on her defense in her 2014 trial. The politically-motivated prosecution and trial resulted in Odeh’s conviction on a trumped-up immigration charge.