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Must-Try Arab Food Trucks Across the Nation

posted on: Feb 23, 2021

Must-Try Arab Food Trucks Across the Nation
Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Karen Zeng.

By: MacKenzie DiLeo/Arab America Contributing Writer

While some of us may not always think of stopping by a food truck for a delicious meal, Arab cuisine has gained quite a reputation for whipping up great meals in this mobile platform. Food trucks have become convenient for grabbing a meal on-the-go, yet that does not mean they should be undermined for their ability to have delicious meals. Arab food trucks exist all throughout the country, and I have compiled a list of some of the best food trucks you should try whenever you are in these cities.

Must-Try Arab Food Trucks Across the Nation
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Arab Food Trucks in New York City

Located on West 38th Street, Toum is a family-owned Lebanese food truck. The owners started their business after noticing the rather small Lebanese presence in NYC. Friends and neighbors began raving about their food, and they ultimately decided the food industry was their calling. Toum has even expanded its scope to catering events like weddings and festivals. Toum’s menu consists of platters and pitas, where you get to choose your own ingredients.

The Halal Guys started as your standard NYC hot dog cart and progressed to a world-renowned restaurant and food truck chain. They have derived their own genre of food and call it American Halal food. Moreover, the Halal Guys started their business in 1990 on West 53rd and 6th Avenue when they realized the huge demand from Muslim taxi drivers looking for a halal meal. They serve primarily chicken and gyro over rice along with white and red sauces. Now 30 years later, The Halal Guys currently own five food trucks and two restaurants.

Must-Try Arab Food Trucks Across the Nation
Photo courtesy of Facebook @motysgrill

Arab Food Trucks in Miami

Shawarmas Diana is an Arab food truck located on Southwest 137th Avenue with a wide range of menu options for any meal. Their menu consists of shawarmas, falafel, kibbe, chicken/beef/lamb skewers, hummus, tabouleh salad, and more. The food truck has received rave reviews from people who have tried it, and the truck also has a reserved seating area if you would prefer to sit down to enjoy your meal in the beautiful Florida sunshine.

Moty’s Grill is a food truck in the general South Florida area specializing in Kosher Style Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Their menu includes appetizers, salads, pita pocket sandwiches both with and without fries, an array of platters, and a kids’ menu. The food truck is also available to cater to various events that can be booked on their website.

Tommy Marudi. Photo Courtesy of

Arab Food Trucks in Los Angeles

Located on Wilshire Boulevard, Yalla Truck is one of the first Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food trucks to operate in LA. They named their business after the famous Arabic phrase meaning “let’s go” or “come on.” The food truck began serving the Los Angeles area in 2010 with a unique take on Arab street food. The truck is known for its variety of flavors in the form of falafel, chicken kabobs, sandwiches, and more. Like many other food trucks, Yalla Truck is also available to cater events like weddings and corporate parties. The truck even offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to accommodate all customers.

Kabob Express combines Mediterranean, Arab and Mexican ingredients to create what they call a “Mexi-terrean” menu. Likewise, this food truck is especially unique to the downtown LA area as it is one of the only food trucks that offer such a genre of food. The menu includes options such as Mexi-terrean tacos and burritos, chicken kabobs, chicken shawarma, falafels, gyro, wraps, paninis, and salads.

The Middle Feast Food Truck travels throughout the Los Angeles area and is famous for winning Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race!”. Owned by Tommy Marudi, the truck brings Middle Eastern cuisine together with an Asian and Mexican twist. Marudi began his cooking career after completing culinary school. Afterward, he traveled throughout South America, India, and Asia before returning to LA to bring his learned experiences abroad to the kitchen. Some menu items include shawarma, falafel, lamb gyro, burritos, and shakshuka.

Must-Try Arab Food Trucks Across the Nation
The New Owners of Leila’s Food Truck. Photo courtesy of Facebook @arabfoods.

Arab Food Truck in Dallas

Leila’s Food Truck serves the greater Dallas area and specializes in vegetarian Middle Eastern cuisine. Consequently, the business took off with its tasty falafel burger and later expanded its horizons in making wraps and salads. All ingredients are 100% plant-based with no added sugars, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Leila recently sold her truck to a couple from San Antonio, who will be carrying on the tradition of vegan-inspired cuisine.


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