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National Women’s History Month: A Celebration of Unmitigated Endurance

posted on: Mar 9, 2022

National Women’s History Month

BY: Leila Diab / Arab America Contributing Writer

As the wind blows and storms at times rain upon the lives of women worldwide, the bright rays of sunlight capture the unimaginable spirit of women’s endurance. This year 2022, now more than ever, as we witness the heralding bravery and courage of Ukrainian women, who defend and protect their children, freedoms, and their struggle to save their country is more than admirable. The same is true for many women in Palestine, Morocco, Jordan, Bosnia, Germany, Poland, and the list goes on and on.

In March, women’s history month is a solemn reminder to actively echo the celebration of mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, and grandmothers in Africa, the Middle East, South America, and on every continent on earth. A woman’s unmitigated temerity of determination and steadfastness to survive the afflicted pains of hunger, disease, and poverty is a testament to her courage of endurance.

Also, on March 8th, women’s international day, the voices and stories of women’s trials, tribulations, and achievements to overcome disenfranchisement based on race, color, and gender, will continue to be imperative for worldwide social communities to insure justice, freedom, peace, and an ultimate sense of hope for women’s sustainable belonging.

Ethel Waters
Lena Horne

Women’s history month is a time for all of us to reflect on the many known and unknown trailblazers who set attainable standards for women. For example, Ethel Waters and Lena Horn were among the first trailblazers for black women in motion pictures.

Marie Van Brittan Brown

And Marie Van Brittan Brown (1922-1999), a nurse and an inventor who designed a home security system and changed the way we live today.

Qiu Jin
Gwendolyn Brooks
Amrita Pritam

And there are over 20 women poets such as Qiu Jin (China), Gwendolyn Brooks (African America), and Amrita Pritam (India) an award-winning writer who has inspired other women to begin creative art of writing.

Many worldly and note-worthy professional women run the gambit as doctors, lawyers, artists in music and dance, governors, senators, and poets, all of who have been role models and will continue to be for generations.

Council of Women World Leaders

We celebrate organizations such as the Council of Women World Leaders, which was created in 1996 and is a network of 83 current and former presidents and prime ministers. It is the only organization in the world dedicated to women heads of state and government.

The educational importance and significant recognition of March International world history month are for all four corners of our world population to applaud, respect, and nurture women from all status levels in society, now and into the future. Every woman is a jewel to behold. They never lose their value.

I salute and celebrate the courage, determination, and goodwill of women all over the world. Happy Peaceful March International Women Day.

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