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New Book on Ramadan Available at Amazon

posted on: Sep 29, 2008


“The Beauty of Ramadan,” a new book by Najah Bazzy, Founder and Director of Zaman International, is now available for sale at

This book is an excellent resource for non-Muslims who may simply want to know more about Ramadan, have a Muslim employee, friend or relative. Even new Muslims can benefit from this easy-to-read guide It covers not only the mundane aspects of fasting but also touches on the sublime beauty and significance of this holy month to adherants of this world religion.

The importance of books like this written by practitioners of the faith cannot be overstated. It would make an excellent addition to a school or public library.

The book is designed to build bridges of understanding between world religions, serving as a simple guide to the spiritual fast. Proceeds from the sale of this book will help to fund the Infant Burial Project, Plots for Tots, which will provide for the proper internment of 250 fetuses and children.

To order this book, please visit: <a href=”″>The Beauty of Ramadan</a>