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New Website "Sharing Ramadan," A Collaborative Effort Between 'Read the Spirit' and 'Your Community Voice'

posted on: Sep 15, 2008


Several months ago, veteran journalist David Crumm approached me about a project that would honor and celebrate the lives of Muslims through listening. He called it ‘Sharing Ramadan’. The idea was to go out and interview everyday Muslims about their precious experiences during the holy month of Ramadan. I was sold for many reasons. One, the premise was that everybody’s story matters. That’s always been our mantra at Your Community Voice (four years old this month). Secondly, it would help us reach out to so many non-Muslims about why so many Muslims put themselves through a rigorous month every year. Lastly, you cannot deny David Crumm. Aside from being the former religion writer for the Detroit Free Press for so many years, David always brings out the best in his subjects – no matter the race, religion, or gender -through his unique storytelling.

So, we decided to coproduce Sharing Ramadan with the understanding that the stories would appear in this special issue and on David’s Web Site called ReadTheSpirit.

In mid-July, we set off on our quest to find out what drives Muslims during Ramadan. We crisscrossed metro Detroit listening to stories of faith, family, patience, and how the demands of Ramadan even saved one man’s life.

What follows is a record of history, hopes, and common threads that bind together our true values as a nation. Our Christian and Jewish neighbors may not be able to relate to a month-long fast, but you certainly can relate to sacrifice, faith, and family.

So, relax, sit back, and get to know your neighbors. And when you’re finished, tell us what you think at and share your Ramadan story at

Raad Alawan
Your Community Voice