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Recommended Ideas on how to Utilize Time as Arab Americans

posted on: Dec 24, 2020


By: Ala Abed-Rabbo/Arab America Contributing Writer          Recommended ideas to all Arabs and Arab Americans – moving to another country, such as the United States, may fulfill one’s dreams as well as facing new challenges.

New Arab comers to the United States or Arab Americans should focus on specific aspects, such as learning English, communicating and socializing with other ethnic groups, accepting and learning different cultures, and preserving the Arab traditions at home are all very essential.

Why is English Important to Learn?

Many Arabs from all over the world moved to the United States either decades ago or are newcomers. Therefore, learning the English language is very helpful for those who wish to live smoothly without the stress of a language barrier during all circumstances.

It is recommended for Arab Americans to devote as much time they could make into learning English by speaking, reading, and writing it in order to get errands done, have a better understanding of what is going around one’s surroundings, and communicate as well as meet new people.

Also, English is the global language, and learning it is useful for everybody. Knowing this language helps to increase one’s chances of working in an international or a large company. English is the language of science, air travel, computers, international relations, and tourism.

Moreover, English gives access to different cultures. An excellent understanding of the language will allow people to comprehend films, music, and literature from hundreds of countries around the world. Many books, across the world, are translated into English. Therefore, it is an essential language for all types of professional and personal purposes.

Why Arabs Should Meet New and Different Kinds of People


Many individuals may argue that it is comfortable to stay in one’s “ethnic circle.” Arab Americans tend to gather with groups who share the same culture, values, and mindsets. However, it should not “harm” if Arabs accept the notion of mingling with a diverse group other than their “own.” Such groups can help them learn about all sorts of traditional backgrounds and improve their social, language, and communication skills.

It is recommended for Arab Americans to step out of their ‘ethnic inner circle,’ and to explore what other cultural societies are present in the United States. By doing so, they can learn how to keep an open mind, have some knowledge of people’s cultural experiences, train their active listening, and maintain a personal touch.

Arab Americans Should Acknowledge Diverse Cultures


It is essential to recognize and accept different cultures when moving to a country like the United States. Arab Americans should encourage themselves to study other societal behaviors, upbringings, morals, beliefs, and customs. Arabs tend to stick to one another and avoid exploring how other people live, which leaves a gap in the knowledge of other ethnicities due to the lack of adaptation.

Connections are powerful. Building relations with people from different nations, often many distinct cultures, is critical in developing diverse groups that are potent enough to accomplish significant goals.

Whether one wants to make sure their children receive a promising education, bring good health care into communities, or stimulate economic growth, there is a decent opportunity that they will need to work with people from several different ethnic, language, or economic groups.

Preserving Arab Traditions


“Culture and its heritage reflect and shape values, beliefs, and aspirations, thereby defining a people’s national identity.”

Cultural inheritance in the Arab world is the legacy of physical pieces and intangible characteristics of a group or society that inherit from past generations, kept in the present and bestowed for the value of future individuals.

Arab Americans should not forget who they are and where their roots came from, no matter which country they settle in. Therefore, Arab parents should speak and teach Arabic in their households for the children, go on family trips to their nation of origin or teach about the country.

“Cultural heritage and natural history of a nation have a very high value and are unique. It is an identity that can be introduced to the world.” It is crucial to protect our cultural heritage because it keeps the truthfulness of people.

Fragile, intangible cultural heritage is an essential part of keeping cultural diversity in the face of increasing globalization. An insight into the intangible cultural heritage of different populations helps with intercultural communications and encourages universal reverence for other ways of life. The best way to save a traditional custom is to share it with others.

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