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VIDEO: Samantha Bee Goes to Dearborn, MI

posted on: Jun 28, 2016

BY: Tamara Wong Azaiez/Contributing Writer

In this hilarious video Samantha Bee traveled to Dearborn, MI to speak with Muslims who had the audacity to do nothing wrong.

Samantha Bee’s video is a representation of the stereotypes and prejudicial thinking used by politicians and other groups to demonize American Muslims. Dearborn, Michigan is home to a very large Muslim and Arab American population, and through her discussions with the community, she brings up the issues concerning the general American population’s stigma of Arabs being scary villains who are out to get the rest of the world.

She, when talking to the leader of America’s largest mosque, jokingly asks him about their procedure when they find someone who is acting suspiciously and why they don’t report on the one person who brings bad food to the potluck. His response being, that they ask the police for intervention and bring in people who know about mental health, which shocks Bee’s character, the epitome of the uninformed person.

The idea behind the video stems from how people view Muslims due to terrorist attacks, but that is not every single Muslim person, only a small few. She compares Americans’ irrational fear and misunderstandings of Islam with those of nationalist Brits, who used this fear to break away from the European Union. The level of policy enforcement that occurs due to such an illogical understanding of an entire religious group is dangerous and causes a chilling effect. Samantha Bee uses her humor to speak with Arab American Muslims about the issues that many are too afraid to acknowledge.