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Sponsored: Top 5 Arab Culture Dedicated Instagram Accounts

posted on: Nov 4, 2020

Instagram is propelled by the sharing of fresh, authentic, and relatable content. Nowadays Instagram is everywhere, people share everything from their daily meals to the culture of their countries. Businesses use Instagram to promote their products and  Instagram growth services even earn money by helping others gain popularity. Different cultures now open up to the world, so if you want to experience the one and the only Arab world, there is no better way than by checking out this photo-sharing site.

Whether you’re looking for breathtaking photos or artistic work from the Arab world, here are 5 Instagram accounts that will leave you asking for more.

1. Everyday Middle East

Nothing can give you a glimpse of the Arabic culture than a day-to-day capture of the people’s lives in the Middle East. And this is what Everyday Middle East brings to the table.

By using candid and random photos taken by different photographers in the region, this Instagram account unveils the daily lives of the people in this region. With just a few clicks, these photographers allow you to experience what living in the Middle East feels like.

Lindsay McKenzie started Everyday Middle East in 2014. In addition to sharing the Arabic culture, this account also aims to challenge the stereotypes about the region often portrayed in the mainstream media.

2. Zamaaan

Zamaaan in Arabic means time or era. This account takes you across time using old photos from the Middle East.  Even in this age of impressive digital images, there is still a longing for old photos if this account’s popularity is anything to go by.  

The account that has more than 30k followers revisits how things used to be done in Arabic countries.

Referred to as your passport to the past, this account has more than 500 photos, mostly black and white. These photos are provided by photographers from the EUA, Palestine, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, among other Arabic countries.

3. Not Your Typical Saudi

You’ll love the authenticity that this account brings to the table. Not your typical Saudi has a collection of photos and memes that tells the Arab story through humor.

The photo captions are as intriguing as the photos themselves. You’ll also love that you get to experience the Arab culture in a combination of photos taken in both business and pleasure locations.

4. Mosques of the World

We wouldn’t do justice to the Middle East without talking about the Islamic religion. Mosques of the World is an IG account that centers on Islamic architecture’s beauty and intricacy.

Mosques in the Arabic culture are a source of religious insights, and these places of worship also offer a better understanding of Arabic history.  Besides, mosques are often the emblems of the Middle East cultural identity, which is why you should definitely follow this account.  

Without a doubt, this account will inspire you to include some of the highlighted sacred places in your travel bucket list.

5. Waastaa

Waastaa means connection in Arabic. This account has more than 17k followers, and it showcases artistic works from the Middle East and North Africa.

The account hopes to unite all creatives around the world with the help of artistic photos. The account that is similar to an art gallery or a visual diary also has an app that creatives worldwide can use to share their work. If you’re a creative or love art, this account will also keep you informed of any important events by creatives near you.

If you’re looking to experience the different facets of the Arab world, these five Instagram accounts will give you the perfect inspiration. Whether you’re looking for photographs, history, artwork, or illustrations, you can now discover what the Middle East has to offer.


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