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Syrian Consulate in Detroit Partners with Unique Image to Lead First Ever Cultural Experience into Syria

posted on: Oct 6, 2009

The Syrian Arab Republic, represented by its Honorary Consul General in Detroit, has joined Unique Image, Inc. (UI) to bring, for the first time, a broad-based delegation of North American journalists to the historical land. Unique Image is a logical choice to lead the delegation to Syria based on its vast experience in delivering tourism ROI to the Middle East through media initiatives, public awareness and cultural outreach campaigns.

Prior successes include Jordan, Dubai, Egypt, Oman, and Lebanon.
“We are excited to learn of the delegation and happy to help facilitate UI’s effort to further the interest of Syria,” says. Dr. Naji Arwashan, Hon. Consul General of Syria in Detroit. “The spirit and focus of the UI strategic initiative will enhance their position with Syria for future activities for the country and their media and tourism expansion.”

The current media delegation was extended by invitation only to a select group of influential travel and lifestyle media members for an intimate getaway to the next hot destination. Confirmed media outlets are to explore the country and experience the Silk Road Festival. Their reporting about the emerging Middle Eastern nation – buoyed by positive diplomatic relations between the United States and Syria – will be read and seen by millions. As the cloak lifts on this beautiful nation, more and more travelers will see areas that have been restricted for decades.

“This delegation is more than a press trip,” explains Wafa Kanan, president of UI and delegation organizer. “The Syrian delegation’s central purpose is designed to connect cultures through lifestyles and commonalities we all share. By bringing a multi-national group of people together and traveling across one of the most exciting lands on Earth, the media and public at large can now learn about the country through multiple eyes and without bias to culture or status. We believe this move is a positive step toward uniting both regions. This modern view of Syria will be translated into the stories that appear soon thereafter.”

Kanan continues to spearhead ethnic marketing campaigns that enhance the perspectives and awareness of Middle East region. “It is a widely held belief that a huge gap remains in place in North America; one that is perpetuated by the mainstream media and public opinion in the United States toward the Middle East,” she explains. “Despite the political climate that divides the human spirit, there is beauty in every culture. Social dialogue is needed to bridge differences and celebrate the common interest while advancing mutual cross-cultural understanding among regions. This is why we continue to push the envelope of lifestyle experiences in the Middle East.”

Located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Syria has been a crossroads of civilization, the bridge connecting the cultures of the eastern Mediterranean and the Fertile Crescent. With stunning natural scenery; rugged mountains; green valleys; desertscapes; gorgeous beaches and mountain peaks, perpetually covered with snow, Syria also showcases magnificent ancient ruins, medieval castles, fortresses and rich Arabian culture.