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The Best Places and Activities to Experience in Jordan This Summer

posted on: Aug 16, 2023

The Best Places and Activities to Experience in Jordan This Summer

Photo: visitjordan

By: Eman El-Ajlouni / Arab America Contributing Writer

Tourists who want to fully immerse themselves in the cultural, historical, and environmental treasures of this Middle Eastern jewel may choose from a dynamic and wide range of experiences as the oppressive summer heat envelops Jordan. Here is a thorough guide to making the most of your summer trip to Jordan, including everything from historical landmarks to modern-day food.

Petra: A Eternal Wonder

A visit to Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world, is a must-do on any vacation to Jordan. This UNESCO World Heritage landmark, which was carved into the rose-red cliffs, is evidence of the Nabateans’ creativity. It is advised to visit the place early in the morning or late in the day because it might get hot there during the summer. Explore the Siq, a little gorge, and you’ll discover the fascinating Treasury and other stunning sites. The sunset glow of the rose-red facades is a mesmerizing sight.

The Best Places and Activities to Experience in Jordan This Summer

Photo: visitjordan

Wadi Rum: A Desert Adventures

Get ready to be amazed by Wadi Rum’s unique surroundings. Outdoor and nature lovers have a playground here in the desert. Go on an adventurous 4×4 Jeep trip, ride a camel over the sand dunes, or maybe even give rock climbing a go. The pure desert skies become a heavenly show when night sets, making it a great location for camping and stargazing.

Dead Sea: A Float in Serenity

At the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, you may cool down and rest. The high concentration of salt makes floating effortless, a genuinely amazing sensation. Treat yourself to mineral-rich mud baths that provide medicinal as well as energizing effects. Just keep in mind to drink plenty of water and to keep your head out of the water since the salt could cause irritation to your eyes.

Amman’s urban charms

Find out how the capital city blends old heritage with modern spirit. With artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic civilizations, the Amman Citadel serves as a living history book. Explore regional marketplaces, such as the crowded Al Balad, where you may shop for spices, clothing, and ethnic crafts. Enjoy traditional Jordanian food at neighborhood restaurants as the sun sets and take in Amman’s expanding culinary scene.

Aqaba: Underwater pleasure

Aqaba is the entryway to the fascinating marine life of the Red Sea for those looking for an underwater experience. Deep-sea fishing is a specialty of the local fishermen in Aqaba. To get you ready for a huge fishing game, they will teach you fishing methods like “trolling.” Divers and snorkelers will enjoy the colorful coral reefs and the diversity of fishes that reside in these waters that You may catch during the deep fishing sport game. If diving isn’t your thing, glass-bottom boat cruises give you a glimpse of this underwater world.

The Best Places and Activities to Experience in Jordan This Summer

Photo: visitjordan

Jerash: Roman ruins

Discover the historic city of Jerash and travel back in time to the Roman era. The majestic arches, cobblestone lanes, and gorgeous theater are all part of the well-preserved remains. The Jerash Festival, which takes place in July, brings Jordan’s rich history to life by displaying cultural events at the ruins.

Dana Biosphere Reserve: Nature at Its Best

Escape the heat and enjoy the Dana Biosphere Reserve’s stunning natural surroundings.  The Great Rift Valley’s western slope is home to Jordan’s largest nature reserve, which spans 320 square kilometers of breathtaking mountains and wadis. Hike across various landscapes, including rocky mountains and lush valleys. The reserve is a shelter for nature lovers since it is home to a wide variety of species. Do not pass up the chance to help the neighborhood and stay in eco-friendly lodges.


As you begin your summer trip in Jordan, enjoy the hospitality of the people, the depth of the history, and the variety of adventures that are waiting. This country is a treasure trove of amazing experiences, from historic riches to natural marvels. As you delve into the magical appeal of the Middle East, create memories that will last a lifetime.

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