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The Middle East In 2018: What’s in Trump’s Crystal Ball?

posted on: Dec 27, 2017



The Middle East In 2018: What’s in Trump’s Crystal Ball?

See No Evil? The Donald’s soothsayers (and ourselves) can’t see into the ball. It’s covered, not in the dust, but by a dirty white rag with blue lines on it. Some people claim there is a religious symbol printed on the cloth. Others assert that the two large navy stripes at the fabric’s edges represent the boundaries of the Zionist entity: the Nile in Egypt and the Dijla (Tigris) in Iraq.

The Middle East In 2018: What’s in Trump’s Crystal Ball?

And that explains the Middle East in 2018. To prognosticate upcoming events in the region, there is no real need for a crystal ball or a gypsy fortune teller. Just look at what Israel wants or says it needs.

U.S. Foreign Policy

Since 1948, the United States has continually demonstrated its support for Israel, despite that support not being in America’s interest. Blind sponsorship of Israel has continued and will continue, despite the Izzies’ destruction of U.S. government property and murder of American citizens.

The Middle East In 2018: What’s in Trump’s Crystal Ball?

U.S.S. Liberty

The Middle East In 2018: What’s in Trump’s Crystal Ball?

Rachel Corrie

American Purse Strings

The Middle East In 2018: What’s in Trump’s Crystal Ball?

The American taxpayer has given Israel $129.8 billion between 1949 and 2017 (a number probably on the low side).

  • This doesn’t count military aid, loan guarantees, or tax-free donations or billions annually in military aid.
  • It doesn’t count billions in private tax-deductible donations to Israel (which help support Zionist colonies there)
  • No end to this is in sight.

So What Does Israel Really Really Want? Continued control over American foreign policy. It will discount the present uproar over moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds.

And What Happens As A Result? More of the same.


  • U.S. forces will remain.
  • Rebel forces keep their outside support; the White Helmets lose no support.
  • Clandestine efforts to remove Bashar al-Assad continue.



U.S. Bilateral economic and military aid flows will not stop. The 1,500 American soldiers in the country, with air and drone and military bases, may well increase.

Saudi Arabia. Again, no change.

  • The Yemen war continues; the blockade of humanitarian assistance to the starving, cholera-ridden population will not be lifted.
  • Controls on Qatar won’t end.
  • Strenuous opposition to Iran may well get ratcheted up.
  • Will persevere, a bit more cautiously, with closer ties to Israel
  • No concrete support for the Palestinians

The Gulf States. Will not change their outlook or their actions.

  • Bahrain remains especially dependent on the 22 ships, 103 aircrafts, and 20,000 sailors and Marines of the U.S. Fifth Fleet based at Manama.
  • Qatar, home to America’s Al-Udeid airbase, the largest in the region, still gets U.S. support and Iranian and Turkish aid.
  • The traditionally conservative United Arab Emirates (UAE) will continue its quarrel with Iran. It stays a partner with Saudi Arabia in its vicious assaults on Yemen.
  • The UAE will continue to back terrorism.

Trouble With A Capital T

One Palestinian-American, when asked about events in 2018, replied “more trouble”. That’s it, in a nutshell. 2018 will be a repeat of 2017 as long as there are Zionists in the White House and Congress. Crawling ‘way out on a limb and predicting an uncertain future is counter-productive.

The goal for next year should be:

  1. recognizing Israel’s influence on the United States, even down to its tax policies;
  2. stopping the flow of money and weapons to the Zionist entity;
  3. making common cause with the millions of Arabs and Muslims to split America away from its Israeli masters. This requires information, organization, effort, and discipline.

But will it happen? Will Americans and their logical allies in the struggle be able to remove the Israeli-tinted glasses from their eyes, embrace a prickly reality, and work together?

THAT is the question. THAT will be 2018.

The Middle East In 2018: What’s in Trump’s Crystal Ball?