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The Most Famous Levantine Arab Dishes

posted on: Jul 31, 2020

The Most Famous Levantine Arab Dishes

Many Arab dishes.

By: Tasnim Elnasharty/Arab America Contributing Writer 

A region’s food is as significant in understanding its culture as its architecture, national dress, and traditions. Consequently, trying any Arab dish is a beneficial part of any visit to the Middle East. The food is abundant with a significant number of various, flavorful alternatives to engage each palette. Customarily, these are sharing dishes, which is extraordinary news as it offers guests the chance to try a bit of everything.

Levantine dishes:


Despite the fact that the appropriate response isn’t clear, there’s no uncertainty this is a staple dish in Arabic cuisine. This makes hummus a requirement for anyone hoping to be familiar with the food from this region. This basic dish consists of chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon – and is very delicious. It’s ideal to order hummus to share and eat it with pita bread—it makes for a stunning appetizer! 

The Most Famous Levantine Arab Dishes


This flavorful bread plate of mixed salad is traditional to the Levantine food. It is regular in Arabic countries like Lebanon and Syria. Fattoush contains blended greens and little bits of fried Arabic bread, giving some crunchiness. It frequently incorporates pomegranate.

This is, again, known as an incredible serving of mixed salad to impart to other people, making the dining experience a method for bringing people together through mouth-watering cuisine.

The Most Famous Levantine Arab Dishes


Much like hummus and fattoush, tabouleh is a common mezze in the Arabic world. Mezze is a well-utilized word that guests will find in menus of Arabic cafés—a little dish to share toward the start of a several course meal. This salad’s ingredients are parsley, mint, onion, tomatoes, bulgur, lemon juice, olive oil, dark pepper, and salt. 

The Most Famous Levantine Arab Dishes


Lamb is a staple meat in Arabic cuisine, being a common and traditional dish in commemorative events, for example, Eid. Mansaf is a traditional dish of Arabic nations, for example, Palestine and Jordan, as well as others. Mansaf consists of lamb, yogurt, and rice. A requirement particularly for guests going to Jordan, as it is maybe the most popular food of the country.

The Most Famous Levantine Arab Dishes 


This Levantine dish is famous around the world. If you ask anyone about Arabic cuisine and the main food that will presumably ring a bell is kibbeh. This is the most loved of tourists visiting the Middle East and can be made with various meats, in spite of the fact that it is all the more commonly discovered made of ground beef, onions, and bulgur. The ingredients are combined and fried in order to make a little hamburger cake that is unbelievably delicious. 

The Most Famous Levantine Arab Dishes

Warak Enab

Also called grape leaves or vine leaves, warak enab is most common to the Lebanese food, in spite of the fact that it tends to be found in a few other Arabic dishes, including in Gulf nations. The cold mezze consists of grape leaves loaded down with rice, which can be blended in with a few different ingredients, for example, onions, tomatoes, and mint. This is a fabulous dish for vegans who still want to try Arabic plates. 

The Most Famous Arab dish in the Levant Arab you have to try !

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