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Traditional Sudanese Food You Cannot Miss out on!

posted on: Jul 13, 2022

Some of the traditional popular Sudanese dishes.

By Arab America contributing writer, Antonia Wagura

Cooking is all about people. Food may be the only universal thing that can bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people eat together.


Have you been to Sudan? Are you looking for a genuine food experience?

If so, then you should try some of the traditional popular Sudanese dishes.

When most people think of Sudan, they probably don’t imagine a land rich in culinary traditions. However, Sudanese cuisine is a very diverse and flavorful dish worth sampling if you get the chance.

Food habits find their roots in such a civilization. Sudan is no different.

From delectable dishes to zesty curries, there is something for everyone to try in Sudanese cuisine.

Let’s highlight a few dishes that will leave your mouth watering.

  • Baseema

The understated Baseema is one of the simple things that make you fall in love with food.

Baseema is a sponge cake made with lemon juice and coconut.

Spongy Sudanese cake
  • Moukhbaza (paste of mashed bananas)

In the East of Sudan, people savor the most delicious local cuisine, Moukhbaza. It is made from banana paste. The eastern palate inclines towards Ethiopian cuisines. Milk and dairy products are an essential part of the food in the east.

Do you want sweet and spicy? Try out Moukhbaza
  • Dura

The Dura is a popular dish for the people living in the arid and semi-arid areas of Sudan.

This area accounts for almost an average of two-thirds of cereal production in Sudan. Taken together with a stew made from dried meat, dried onions, spices, and peanut butter, it is always a hit.

  • Kajaik

From the mighty Nile, Kajaik is one of the gifts given to the people of Sudan.

Kajaik is an elegant fish stew made with freshwater fish. The fish is deboned and cut, then slowly cooked into a soup-like consistency.

One can never go wrong with this dish. In addition, you can have spices and vegetables.

From the Mighty Nile to make a Mighty soup, the Kajaik
  • El maraara and Umfitit

El maraara and Umfitit are delicious Sudanese appetizers paired together. The main ingredients include sheep lungs, liver, and stomach. To enhance the flavor, add peanut butter, onions, and salt. However, umfitit is eaten raw. Sudanese meals are coupled with appetizers and stews as they are part of most Sudanese meals.

  • Sudanese coffee

Sudan has several distinct beverages, and coffee is one of them. Coffee is an integral part of Arab culture: it’s no different in Sudan.

Sudanese coffee is a classic, flavorful blend of beans from Sudan and Ethiopia.

Coffee has been used for centuries by Sudanese people. The Sudanese traditionally ground their coffee at home or in the office with a mortar and pestle.

Sudanese coffee is brewed to be strong, sweet, and served black without cream or sugar.

Traditional Sudanese coffee
  • Ful medames

Ful medames is Sudan’s national dish and staple food.

Made from Fava beans and eaten with an assortment of flatbreads such as Eish Misri or Kisra, Sudan’s national bread.

It is served in homes and restaurants throughout the country.

Sudanese Fava beans
  • Kawari

As far as soups go, Kawari is the best and most popular soup in Sudan. In addition, to the vegetables and spices, its main ingredient is sheep’s hooves.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but one of the things that you should try in Sudan.

lamb’s hooves soup
  • Sudanese flatbread

The Sudanese flatbread is also known as Gurasa. It is something that will make your food taste sensational.

It takes a good dish to the next level.

Kisra, Sudanese flatbread
  • Shahan Ful

The Shahan ful is a delicious, loved breakfast dish. Some people eat it all day.

Ful makes a great breakfast because it is full of proteins and fiber.

It is considered the undisputed national food of Sudan. It is said to have originated in Egypt centuries ago. However, it is one of the dishes synonymous with Sudanese people.

Simplified to Ful

Food Culture in Sudanese

Sudanese are among the most hospitable people in the world. They share meals on a large tray, and anyone is welcome to join.

They eat with their right hand, and it’s inappropriate to do otherwise.


To sum it up, Sudan is a great place to be. Their culture is rich and worth experiencing.

Their food is tasty and relatively easy to prepare. Visit Sudanese restaurants and try out some of these dishes. Let us know what you like!