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University Learning Academy Celebrates the Grand Opening of Its New Location

posted on: Nov 7, 2011

Universal Learning Academy (ULA) is scheduled to celebrate the Grand Opening of its permanent site on Friday, November 18th, 2011 at 28015 Joy Road, Westland, MI 48185. Universal Learning Academy (ULA), a K-7 school, was founded in 2004 by Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, President & CEO of Hamadeh Educational Services, Inc. (HES). The academy is authorized by Bay Mills Community College. ULA provides its students with quality and cutting edge education that focuses on the Michigan core curriculum and International Baccalaureate standards. Nawal Hamadeh, ULA’s Superintendent and CEO, established Hamadeh Educational Services (HES) in 1998 to provide top-quality educational management services to public school academies. Hamadeh subsequently founded four academies – Star International Academy (SIA) in Dearborn Heights, Universal Learning Academy (ULA) now moved to Westland, Universal Academy (UA) in Detroit, and the newest sister school, Noor International Academy (NIA) in Sterling Heights. ULA aims at encouraging its students, who come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, to tear down walls and build bridges by sharing and celebrating their values and traditions. In this safe and respectful environment, ULA’s dedicated leadership and educators lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, offering an innovative, world-class education that inspires students to academic excellence and prepares them for their future roles as responsible citizens and community leaders. ULA employs teaching strategies that encourage students to become self-driven learners motivated by passion, inspiration and cultural diversity. With a repeated emphasis on the school’s theme for the 2011-12 school year, “character leads,” ULA students are ethically driven to become positive role models who lead through honesty and respect. The school’s emphasis on academic rigor and character enables students to be lifelong learners reflective of quality values and excellent character. The dedication of ULA teachers, the commitment of its administrators and the perseverance of its students have earned the school the recognition of School of Excellence by Michigan Department of Education. ULA encourages and appreciates parent Involvement as their contributions are the building blocks of the academy’s success. An open door policy for parents is in place to encourage parental participation and to maintain frequent and open communication between home and school. The Academy offers many unique programs and events for parents such as; Active PTO, Parent’s Awareness Night, Quarterly Newsletters translated to the home language, Cultural Events School Improvement Teams, etc. Please join us in supporting our continuously growing Academy and feel encouraged to contact us at 313.565.0507 or to visit ULA’s website at