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'Valorant': Issam Harris and Marwan Moussa Star in New Arabic Anthem for the Popular Game

posted on: May 15, 2021



‘Anta Al Batal’ merges languages, melodies and musical styles found across Egypt, Morocco, the UAE and beyond

'Valorant': Issam Harris and Marwan Moussa Star in New Arabic Anthem for the Popular Game
A still from the music video for ‘Anta Al Batal’, which features Issam Harris, Fafa and Marwan Moussa, for ‘Valorant’. Courtesy Riot Games Mena

Moroccan rapper Issam Harris, Egyptian trap star Marwan Moussa and Fafa, a rising female vocalist from the UAE, have joined forces with Riot Games to create an Arabic music track and video dedicated to gamers in the Middle East and North Africa.

Inspired by Riot Games’ free-to-play character-based tactical-shooter game, Valorant, the song is called Anta Al Batal, or You Are The Champion. It was produced and conceptualised by Riot Games Mena and Sony Music Entertainment Middle East.

'Valorant': Issam Harris and Marwan Moussa Star in New Arabic Anthem for the Popular Game

The song and accompanying video merge languages, melodies, musical styles and cultural markers found across Egypt, Morocco, the UAE and beyond, in an effort to unite Valorant fans “under a common language: love of music and passion for gaming”, says Riot Games.

The endeavour is a mark of Riot Games’ commitment to its growing Arabic-speaking fan base.

“Prior to online multiplayer games, music was the number one thing that transcended the Mena region,” says Anas al Hakim, the content manager at Riot Games Mena who was behind the creative direction of the music video.

“Now, with music and gaming we have a winning combination to unite our players through unique experiences that they can all enjoy.

“Our hope is that the bridges we build are not only between us but also with players from all around the world.”

Anta Al Batal will serve as an anthem for the regional teams currently taking part in Valorant’s professional and semi-professional tournaments. Teams across the Mena are preparing for the second season of Strike Arabia, the first tournament experience in the region for all regional Valorant players, which is taking place in June and July.

Winners of Strike Arabia will earn a spot in Valorant’s Last Chance Qualifier in Europe.

A still from ‘Anta Al Batal’. Courtesy Riot Games

“Music is a global connector – it binds us all and reflects the varied cultural narratives of our region,” says Mike Fairburn, general manager of Sony Music Entertainment Middle East.

“Our company culture is built around this positive force and with the Riot Games team, we found a perfect partnership focused on collaboration, as well as an openness to use music and gaming to make deep connections. We are incredibly excited and proud to share our collective creative efforts with the world”.