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Vogue Arabia, Elle Arabia, an GQ Middle East on Palestine

posted on: Nov 29, 2023

Arabia, Elle Arabia, an GQ on Palestine
Vogue Arabia’s November cover issue “Stand for Humanity.” Credit: Vogue Arabia

By: Arab America Contributing Writer

In the wake of the recent event unfolding in the Middle East, Vogue Arabia, Elle Arabia, and GQ Middle East have been taking the initiative to expressed their solidarity for Palestine. While some apolitical media outlets and celebrities argue that their platform is not the right place for comments on international politics, prominent fashion magazines have stepped to the forefront in solidarity with Palestinians. 

Vogue Arabia Stands for Humanity

Details of Palestinian tatriz on Vogue Arabia’s cover. Credit: Vogue Arabia

Vogue Arabia released a cover issue in November titled “Stand for Humanity” adorning red and white traditional Palestinian embroidery. The cover serves as an ode to the vibrant and rich Palestinian fashion and culture. In a statement on Instagram, Vogue Arabia recognizes its inability to control the immediate destruction occurring in Palestine, they are committed to using their platform to raise awareness in their capacity, through art, fashion, and journalism.

The Vogue Arabia November issue also highlighted frontline journalists who have been actively reporting what has been occurring in Gaza. The featured journalists were Motaz Azaiza, Plestia Alaqad, and Youmna El-Qunsol. 

The issue also recognized frontline doctors who have been working around the clock to tend to the hundreds of wounded individuals, despite the targeted attacks on hospitals. Vogue Arabia featured Dr. Mohammed Al Ghoula and Dr Ghassan Abu-Sittah and acknowledged the rest of the workers who have been risking their lives to save Palestinians. Vogue Arabia also declared its support for the non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders in order to streamline healthcare services to innocent civilians. 

Ellle Arabia Highlights Palestinian Artistry

Elle Arabia’s November issue also addressed the ongoing war with a cover displaying a white dove holding an olive branch, a universal symbol of peace. The illustration was created by Samar Sadik, an Emirati graphic designer. In the description, Elle Arabia expressed its sympathy for the Arab region and emphasized the power of hope, resilience, and creativity in these unprecedented times. 

In solidarity with Palestinian creatives, Elle Arabia highlighted six Palestinian singers and songwriters. The post emphasized the power of music as a traditional Palestinian outlet for meaningful and creative storytelling. Elle Arabia also posted nationalistic artwork from seven Palestinian and Jordanian artists. The illustrations capture traditional Palestinian womanhood, architecture, and transnational religious emblems such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque. 

GQ Man of the Year Announcement

GQ Middle East also honored Motaz Azaiza as the 2023 Man of the Year. Azaiza was not only recognized for his fearlessness but also his resilience amidst losing most of his family to airstrikes. While GQ Middle East announced that it will not be hosting its Man of the Year ceremony this year in light of the ongoing war, it has dedicated its Man of the Year issue to the thousands of brave frontline workers in the region. 

Expressing Solidarity Through Creativity

Vogue Arabia, Elle Arabia, and GQ Middle East, though primarily recognized as fashion and lifestyle publications, have meaningfully expressed solidarity for Palestine in creative, unique, meaningful ways, transcending their conventional roles. Through powerful editorials, they have showcased the resilience and beauty of Palestinian culture, featuring local designers, artists, and journalists who embody strength amid adversity. 

While some media outlets have shied away from addressing the war that is unfolding in the Middle East, Vogue Arabia, Elle Arabia, and GQ Middle East have effectively become advocates for justice and peace, using the universal language of art and style to foster a sense of unity and compassion for Palestine.

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